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Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 21-23, 2022 | Online Event

Nursing 2022

Status quo of cognition and willingness of ophthalmic nurse practitioner in Hunan Province

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2022 - Chunyan Li
Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, China
Title : Status quo of cognition and willingness of ophthalmic nurse practitioner in Hunan Province


Objective  To evaluate ophthalmic nurses’ cognition and willingness towards ONP in Hunan Province, and to provide references for the role development of ONP in China.

Methods  A cross-sectional online survey of ophthalmic nurses in Hunan Province was conducted using a self-designed questionnaire in May 2020. The questionnaire of cognition and willingness of ONP included basic demographic information, ONP related cognition, and willingness. A total of 592 questionnaires were issued and 592 were recovered, of which 570 were valid, with an effective rate of 96.28%. Results  Of 570 respondents, only 13.33% were aware or very aware of ONP. The highest selection rate of ONP inclusion criteria were bachelor degree (359, 62.98%) , supervisor nurse (232, 40.70%) , 3-5 years general nursing experience (331, 58.07%) as well as 5-10 years of ophthalmology work (342, 60.00%). The top five core competencies that should be possessed were independent practice (463, 81.23%), clinical quality control (459, 80.53%), clinical research skills (449, 78.77%), scientific literacy (433, 75.96%) and information technology literacy and application skills (415, 72.81%). Policy analysis skills (291, 51.05%) and ethical decision-making ability (299, 52.46%) had the lowest selection rate. Convenience patients and improve patients satisfaction (88.07%) were the main expected values of ONP. The main concern of ONP was the low understanding and acceptance of patients (74.21%), followed by practice not being governed by relevant policies and regulations (67.19%), and doctors did not have enough knowledge about ONP, and thought they would be robbed of their jobs (62.63%). 29.12% and 61.58% of the respondents considered it very necessary and necessary to carry out the ONP project. Conclusion  China is still in the exploration stage of ONP, and ophthalmic nurses in Hunan Province had a low level of understanding of ONP, nevertheless, they affirmed the value of ONP and had a strong willingness to develop. We can actively explore the involvement of ONP in health care services, in order to promote the development of nursing science and improve the eye health of the public.


Chunyan Li has been a registered nurse since 2013 and a specialized nurse since 2018 in the field of ophthalmology. She has long been engaged in research on nursing administration in ophthalmology department, case management of glaucoma patients and nurse practitioner project. She has published 24 academic papers and spoken at more than 10 academic conferences at home and abroad. Chunyan Li is committed to mentor young researcher and faculty members in their academic career.