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3rd Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 16-18, 2023 | Singapore

Nursing 2023

Luz Ever Diaz Monsalve

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2023 - Luz Ever Diaz Monsalve
University of Antioquia, Colombia

Title: Ethical and aesthetic issues in the care of human sexuality


The care of sexuality offered by the nursing professional turns out to be a complex issue due to taboo, ignorance and the limitations that each society and culture imposes on the formation of sexuality in the different spaces of socialization.

In the relationship between the subject of care and the caregiver, there are two sexual biographies that indirectly confront each other in the act of care. These biographies are marked by diverse experiences and learning in a human dimension loaded with subjectivity, meanings, and uncertainties that make care more complex: on the one hand, On one side is the subject of care who needs to build or rebuild their sexuality, to recognize themselves as a subject of sexual rights and to learn to make the right decisions regarding sexuality, decisions that can positively or negatively impact the course of their life. life; On the other hand, there is the caregiver who has an ethical and professional obligation to help the care subject meet the aforementioned needs, taking into account the context and stage of human development of the care subject, with the disadvantage that in many Sometimes the professional training process does not prepare them in the know-how-to be as a sexual and sexed subject necessary to solve the care needs in this human dimension.

The nursing professional is obliged to take care of human sexuality and consider this dimension in the holistic care of the human being, for this they need theoretical knowledge about various aspects of human sexuality, but in addition to knowing them, they must make a reflective process about their their own sexuality in matters such as their sexual identities, the way in which they assume themselves as a subject of rights, how they assume sexual diversity, sexual violence and sexual practices, among many other issues that are required to be cared for. Another matter of the professional profile for the care of sexuality is made up of the way in which care is approached, which must be adjusted to the political-social-cultural and individual context in which the subject of care lives, it is in this aspect in which the aesthetic profile of care becomes important.


Nurse graduated in Nursing from the University of Antioquia in 1990, specialized in Epidemiology from the University of CES in 2000 and Master's in Collective Health from the University of Antioquia in 2008. Tenured professor at the Faculty of Nursing of the University of Antioquia in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, epidemiology and research. She participates in the women's health research group of the same faculty.