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3rd Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 16-18, 2023 | Singapore

Nursing 2023

Crystal H Dodson

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2023 - Crystal H Dodson
University of North Carolina Wilmington, United States

Title : Interdisciplinary collaboration to improve translation of pharmacogenetic testing in practice


Significance: Medications are associated with adverse reactions, but precision medicine provides a way to individualize drug therapy. One obstacle to implementation of precision medicine is the lack of knowledge surrounding clinical practice guidelines for pharmacogenetic testing. The use of smartphones and mobile apps, as a resource in the clinical setting, has exponentially increased since the introduction of physician order entry and other digital decision support tools. Decision support apps have improved provider performance and studies have shown broader adoption is crucial for the success of these tools.  An interdisciplinary team, the UNCW HealthHawks, has created a prototype of a clinical decision support mobile application, GeneRx, that accepts a patient’s genomic profile information and provides information and rationale for the prescription of certain oncology medications. Prior qualitative focus group studies have been conducted with an overwhelmingly positive response by healthcare providers in the oncology field who tested the instrument.

Purpose:  The purpose of this activity is to describe the importance of the utilization of pharmacogenetic testing in practice. In addition, the activity will highlight the interdisciplinary collaboration among nursing and computer science to redesign and reimplement a new version of GeneRx with expanded functionality and improved usability will be described.

Interventions:  A description of the functionality, usability considerations, and usability evaluation of the instrument over three versions will be provided. The current version is web-based, responsive to different screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile), features improved usability, and expands the number of gene-drug recommendations provided based on CPIC dosing guidelines. This project represents a successful new collaboration between the nursing and computer science disciplines. 

Conclusion: This activity will facilitate application of precision medicine into practice as a tool for education and guidance based on clinical practice guidelines. Additionally, having a nurse conduct research in this field is an innovation in and of itself. Disclosure of ways to leverage the strengths and mitigate barriers seen with the development and delivery of this tool to the market will be highlighted. A different perspective, through the lens of nursing, will afford innovative approaches to translating the current research findings surrounding pharmacogenomics into medical and nursing practice. 


Dr. Crystal Dodson is an Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She is a member of the Clinical Pharmacogenetics Implementation Consortium. She received her PhD in nursing from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dodson’s research focuses on nursing utilization of pharmacogenomics within practice. She studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the field of pharmacogenomics as it relates to nursing practice. She was a personalized medicine institute trainee during her time at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has published 14 peer-reviewed research articles as well as presented nationally and internationally on these topics.