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4th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

Nursing 2024

Gihane Endrawes

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2024 - Gihane Endrawes
Western Sydne University, Australia
Title: Cultural factors affecting the mental health of immigrant women


Women’s mental health is identified as one of the top five research priorities worldwide. There is an increasing concern about stresses faced by women and how these may adversely affect their health.  International studies confirm gender difference and gender inequalities.  For example, 70% of people living in poverty are women, 2/3 of adult illiterate people who are over 15 years of age are women. Marriage for men is a protective factor but is associated with more mental health problems for women. The risk of women developing depression and other mood disorders was found to be as twice that of men. This risk is even higher among immigrant women due to cultural factors and issues related to immigration. Migration can be a risk factor for suicide. The suicide rates for immigrants are higher when compared to those of the population in their countries of origin, particularly among immigrant women. The paper aims to explore a range of mental health issues experienced by women with specific attention to the role of culture.  Women are a diverse group with specific mental health needs across the lifespan. Therefore, this paper will address mental health issues of adult, adolescent and elderly women. The following recommendations will be explored in more details: the need for more specialised services that target specific age groups, focusing on health promotion, health education, early detection, and early intervention for those women who are at risk of mental health problems. More efforts towards the empowerment of women are also needed which includes building their self-confidence, informing and educating them of their legal rights, increasing domestic violence refuges, how to access information and support services when needed, addressing the injustice and inequalities they are currently facing and, increasing the number of bi-lingual staff and culturally sensitive services.


Gihane has more than 20 years experience in mental health nursing and education. She worked as a Transcultural Mental Health Clinical Nurse Consultant, she coordinated a number of projects addressing consumers’ care and satisfaction. She won 2 nursing achievement awards due to her contribution to mental health nursing. Her PhD was on the ‘lived experience of caring for a relative with mental illness’. At her current role as lecturer at Western Sydney University, Australia she coordinated a number of under-graduate and post-graduate units and is involved in the development and review of curriculum. Her role also includes supervision of higher degree research students and her research interests are in the area of mental health, transcultural nursing, evidence-based practice and nursing education which are reflected in her publications.