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4th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

Nursing 2024

Violet Badze

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2024 - Violet Badze
City of Harare, Zimbabwe
Title: Developing leaders in zimbabwe’s nursing services: from bedside nursing to executive leadership in patient management


The research sought to find out why many nurses remained bedside nursing with little or no contribution to the absolute health of the patient. Is it because of the word nursing? Whereby nurses view themselves as implementers of the health care? Or the mindset of the general public and opinion of leaders that they do not view nurses as leaders. This obviously creates a disconnect, where the implementers are not involved in the decision making, policy formulation, challenges, engaging key stakeholders as well as interfacing with other healthcare workers at the boardroom level. Nevertheless, it is a noble profession where the community or society cannot survive without. Probability and non- probability sampling techniques were used to draw the samples from the targeted population. A sample of seventy nine subjects had been considered to be part of the inclusion criteria. 64% of nurses felt that the Zimbabwe nursing curriculum was outdated. Whilst 74.6% of nurses indicated that the nursing education does not prepare nurses for the real world. Hypothesis 1 showed a correlation of 0,209 between leadership qualities and age. Hypothesis 2 showed a negative correlation between the community and the part that it played in nurturing nurse leadership. Hypothesis 3 showed correlation of 0.86 between educational qualifications and good leadership qualities. Hypothesis 4 revealed a negative correlation -0,562 between impact of a nurse in bringing change in healthcare boards However 89.7% felt the effects of not having the nurse in the strategic leadership roles will eventually paralyze the healthcare system.

Audience Take Away Notes:

  • By conducting more research to find out why the stakeholders do not feel comfortable to be led by a nurse executive in a healthcare sector
  • By finding out how bad the effects currently of not having the nurse in the strategic leadership roles
  • By finding the impact it has on the Zimbabwe Health Care System as well as the suggested way forward.
  • In practice management and employees will use this research to empower nurses to become executive leaders
  • The research will be used to open up further avenues for research in Zimbabwe
  • To contemplate more about this issue and find out if it is only affecting Zimbabwe or other countries. If so then how to overcome the issue 
  • To have an informed understanding of why many nurses remain on bedside nursing 
  • Yes that is the main reason, to find a practical solution because there is a disconnect whereby implementers are not involved in decision making 
  •  It will enlighten researchers on a forgotten page/or rather not considered information about nurses 
  • To nurses themselves they should see a policy as something they can make and shape unlike to think that it can just happen to them
  • To change the mindset of stakeholders of viewing nursing as a calling and not a profession


Violet Badze is a Holder of Executive Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing majored in Leadership and Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Intensive and Coronary Care Nursing, Diploma in General Nursing, Certificate in Ambulance Technician and a certified Public Speaker. Founder of The affected champions which is a support group for parents with children who abuse drugs. Currently hospital Matron at Beatrice Road Infectious Diseases Hospital. Volunteer health services to Miss Deaf Zimbabwe and Methodist Church in Zimbabwe.