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Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

Nursing 2024

Malek Mahmud Odeh Al Khalidi

Title: Development of instrument to measure recognition and related factors among nurses


Background: The concept of recognition and appreciation does not take much interest in the workplace, especially in healthcare systems. Appreciation as a concept is very crucial for nurses; it gives them a sense of value for what they achieved, as well as for nurses administrators in order to obtain high quality of patient care. More research needs to be developed to investigate the concept of recognition and it is contribute, appreciation assessment tools are very limited to not existing in the literature.
Objective: The purpose of this study was to estimate the psychometric properties and develop a reliable and valid instrument to measure recognition and related factor among nurses, to serve as a building Block for other studies to investigate the impact of recognition and other related factors.
Methods: A methodological study comprised two phases (Qualitative and Quantitative). A Qualitative phase of 20 master degree nurses to elicit the recognition behavior dimensions. The first version of 31-items for nurses recognition questionnaire was established, followed by the quantitative phase consists of three steps, pilot study of 30 nurses to get feedback and ensure understanding of items, the questionnaire was then completed by a sample of 305 nurses at King Abdullah University Hospital (KAUH), and finally the refined version of 22-items was completed by 50 nurses to validate the scale.
Result: Several statistical analysis and procedures were applied to estimate the different psychometric properties, including internal consistency, validity, and applicability of the Scale. The internal consistency (cronbach alpha) showed 0.845 of reliability, whilst index Validity showed 83.9% of agreement on the scale items. Factorial analysis yielded 3 Loading of correlations explaining 42.4% of the recognition behaviors, and the items were Reduced to 22 items. Conclusion: the findings of the present study provide a reliable and Valid instrument; it also clarified the importance of a culture of recognition and appreciation for nursing profession.
Implications: The results of this study will help the administrators to be oriented about the extent of existentialism of recognition culture in Healthcare institutions, and the necessity to take it in consideration, as well as to create recognition programs in their settings. In addition, it will give the researcher area of improvement to study the impact of appreciation and other related factors among nurses.

Keywords: Appreciation, Recognition, Instrument, Scale, Nurses, and KAUH.