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4th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

Nursing 2024

Beth Harkness

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2024 - Beth Harkness
Inova, United States
Title: Engaging ambulatory clinicians with the social determinants of health: Knowledge, confidence and screening


Objectives: Discuss the implications of healthcare systems seeking to implement universal SDoH screening in ambulatory settings.
Discuss challenges and barriers to conducting research in ambulatory care areas and strategies to engage and support clinicians in system-wide initiatives.
Purpose: This study aims to assess ambulatory nurses’ knowledge about social drivers of health (SDoH) and their knowledge of existing community resources, examine their perceived confidence to discuss social needs with their patients, and describe the challenges and opportunities they perceive in integrating the SDoH into their care.
Background/Question: It is critical that ambulatory clinicians have a working knowledge of how Social Drivers of Health can create health disparities and barriers to health visits and health treatments for patients because research shows that addressing SDoH improves patient outcomes, reduces disparities, and enhances health equity. Social risk screenings strengthen relationships between the patient and healthcare teams.
Methods: Invite over 2000 Ambulatory clinicians to participate in an online, cross-sectional survey in a large healthcare system located in the mid-Atlantic. Data will be collected using a validated 81-item SDoH survey tool measuring SDoH knowledge, nurse confidence in and frequency of discussing SDoH with patients, awareness of social resources, and demographic information.
Findings/Conclusions/Outcomes: Descriptive statistics will analyze survey data. Data collection and analysis will be complete by September 2023.
Implications for Nursing Practice: As healthcare systems seek to improve health outcomes through SDoH screening, aligning strategic priorities toward achieving health equity, and strengthening community partnerships, the findings from this study have direct implications for supporting the educational and resource needs of Ambulatory nurses addressing SDoH in the communities they serve.