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4th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

Nursing 2024

Helen Sujatha Charles

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2024 - Helen Sujatha Charles
Christian Medical College, India
Title: Interventions for prevention of psychiatric disorders in the community in India


Introduction: One of the primary goals of the World Health Organization (WHO) Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse is to reduce the burden associated with mental, neurological and substance abuse disorders. About 450 million people suffer from mental and behavioral disorders worldwide. The National Mental Health Survey of India-2016 conducted on a nationally representative sample of 34802 individuals, which were sampled from 12 states of India. The results show the prevalence rate for any mental disorder is 10.6% and nearly 150 million Indians are in need of active interventions. There are a number of mental disorders that can be prevented.

Content: There is a wide range of evidence-based preventive programmes available for implementation. These have been found to reduce risk factors, strengthen protective factors and decrease psychiatric symptoms and disability and the onset of some mental disorders. They also improve positive mental health, contribute to better physical health and generate social and economic benefits. Effective prevention can help in reducing stigma, discrimination, and human rights violations associated with mental disorders. In many developing countries informal community-care providers are the main source of mental health provision. They are usually accessible and generally well accepted in local communities. They can help with the integration of people with mental disorders into the community, and thus play an important supportive role to formal mental health services.

Conclusion: A very important part of the thinking of mental health services at primary, secondary and tertiary levels is to use the wide variety of human resources in the community for mental health care. The need of the hour is to translate advances in our understanding of mental illness into effective intervention programmes for the prevention of mental illness and the promotion of positive mental health.


Completed Master of Science in Psychiatric Nursing in 1997 under The Tamil Nadu MGR Medical University, Chennai, India. Teaching Psychiatric Nursing and supervising, Under Graduate and Post Graduate nursing students to complete their clinical requirements. As Nurse Manager in the Adult psychiatry and Child & Adolescent psychiatry Clinical area Supervising, guiding the staff in providing nursing care. As a primary therapist experience from 2003 to 2012.Currently working as a Nurse Manager in acute mental health nursing since 2018.Attended four International Mental Health Nursing conferences (AUSTRALIA and UNITED KINGDOM) and presented research papers. Published 13 Research articles in National and International journals.