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March 21-23, 2024 | Singapore

Nursing 2024

Maziah Binti Mohd Said

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2024 -  Maziah Binti Mohd Said
Hospital Jitra, Malaysia
Title: Job stress and poor social support among healthcare workers in northern Malaysia


Introduction: Job stress is a significant issue for occupational health around the world.
For this reason, decision-makers place a high priority on identifying employees who are at risk of experiencing occupational stress. In the primary care and public health settings in northeastern Malaysia, this study attempts to quantify the proportion of workplace stress and its association with different categories of healthcare workers (HCWs).
Methodology: A cross-sectional study including 520 HCWs from all categories was carried out in Kedah State, Malaysia. To collect data, a proforma and verified Malay version of the Job Content Questionnaires were used. The participants were then divided into four groups based on Karasek's classification of the job demands-control model: active, passive, high strain, and low strain.
Results: A total of 145 (28.5%) HCWs in the survey reported experiencing significant levels of occupational stress. The proportion of occupational stress among HCWs with a degree or higher was the highest (41.2%), while the lowest (22.9%) among the four categories with academic degrees was among those with a diploma.
According to Pearson chi-square analysis, there is no correlation between job strain and the level of social support received from supervisors (p > 0.05), although there is a strong relationship between Karasek's job categories and that support.
Conclusion: Workplace stress is prevalent among HCWs, with professionals experiencing the highest risky job stress percentage. Social support from bosses significantly correlates with Karasek's job strain categories.
Categories: Public Health.

Keywords: Social support, healthcare workers, job stress, workplace.


Maziah Binti Mohd Said is 13 years of working experience in clinical critical care and multidiscipline department. Certified by the MOH for specialized trainings. Discipline and able to remain focused during various situations with effective communication skills and an efficient multitasker employee. Ms. Maziah Binti Mohd Said studied Diploma in Nursing at the UniKL, Royal College of Medicine Perak and graduated as RN in 2009. In 2012, she pursues her Critical Care study in Intensive Care Nursing at the Penang Nursing College. She received her BSc in Nursing (NSG) in 2016 at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). By April 2022, she graduated from Northern University of Malaysia (UUM) in MSc Occupational Safety and Health Management (OSHM). She is freelancing and actively conducting, supervising research papers and journal for the local university and local college in Malaysia.