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Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 22-24, 2021 | Singapore

Jose Carlos Martinez Garrido

Speaker Nursing Conferences 2021 - Jose Carlos Martinez Garrido
Jose Carlos Martinez Garrido
John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust, UK
Title : A research nurse view from the stretcher: The psychological impact of trauma


It is estimated that over the course of their lifetime, up to 70% of people will experience or witness a traumatic event (Benjet et al, 2016).
It is well known that the psychological and psychosocial support for major trauma patients isn’t widely accessible and not well managed (NICE 2018: Resource Impact Report: Post traumatic stress disorder). This affects not only the patient being treated for the injuries but their extended families and care givers.
As a result of serious injuries sustained in a cycling accident, I have experienced this first hand. I underwent two years of counselling, but this was not offered to my wife, who was pregnant with our second child at the time. By the time I was discharged, not only was she in advanced pregnancy, but then had me to care for.
I will provide a personal account of my time in the Emergency Department as a patient, the comfort of knowing the staff, as this was the Emergency Department I work in, as well as a brief overview of my recovery and adaptions that were required for me to continue to work.
As well as providing a great learning opportunity, participants will hear a motivational presentation in which my passion for emergency nursing kept me working hard to recover in order to be able to go back to work in the ED as a research nurse.
I was recruited to a trauma research study and that’s where my research adventure started. After a long recovery I ended up joining the Emergency Department research nurses and falling in love with research.
Discussion will include the different ways that trauma can affect patients such acute stress syndrome, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, intrusive memories, different treatment modalities and review of recent studies. A critical review of relevant tools will be conducted and discussed with the participants.


Jose is currently a research nurse in a Major Trauma Centre in the UK. He trained as a nurse in Spain before moving to the UK. He has gained extensive experience over the last six years working in a Level One Trauma Centre. By working as a research nurse, and being involved in studies about major haemorrhage in trauma, Jose has maintained his clinical skills, and been able to take a lead role in training around Major Trauma/bleeding. Jose is the first nurse to act as Principal Investigator in his team.


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