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Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 22-24, 2021 | Singapore

Chi Yuchen

Speaker at upcoming Nursing conferences- Chi Yuchen
Chi Yuchen
National University of Singapore, Singapore
Title : A web-based clinical pedagogy program to enhance nurse preceptors’ teaching competencies – An innovative process of development and pilot program evaluation


Background: Nurse preceptors guide students to integrate theory into practice, assess clinical competencies, and enhance problem-solving skills. Researches have indicated that the teaching competencies of nurse preceptors can be transferred to students’ clinical learning.
Objectives: The aims of the study are to develop a web-based clinical pedagogy (WCP) program for nurse preceptors and conduct pilot program evaluation.
Design: A three-step process was applied to integrate the theoretical framework, evidence from the systematic review, and the content validity by the experts and pilot test with the nurse preceptors in the content and technical development of the program. The pilot evaluation of WCP program were conducted through content validity and pilot test.
Results: A committee of six content experts evaluated the comprehensiveness, appropriateness, and relevancy of the program. The item-Content Validity Index (CVI) score ranged from 0.83 to 1.00 and the scale-CVI score was 0.87, which indicated that the WCP program had a strong content validity. Ten nurse preceptors were invited to use the WCP program. Preceptors shared that the website was easy to use and navigate. They commented that the videos in each module are beneficial for nurses to understand the real situation in the clinical setting. This feature also makes the website more interactive. Feedback from preceptors were subsequently used to further refine the program.
Discussion and Conclusion: The WCP program is an evidence-based program that provides a comprehensive coverage on clinical teaching pedagogy and assessment strategies. The unique web-based technology and interactive features provide a platform for nurse preceptors to discuss clinical encounters with peers and consult experts. The flexible and resource-rich nature of web-based learning encourages nurses to use it for continuing education.


Miss Yuchen graduated from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2015. She has been working has a staff nurse for 3 years before going back NUS and joining the research group of Assist. Prof. Wu Xi Vivien at Alice Lee Centre of Nursing Studies (ALCNS). After one and a half year working in research area, Yuchen is able to manage multiple research project and publish papers in nursing journals with support of Dr. Wu Xi Vivien.


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