Singapore Nursing Research Conference

August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Alfred Raymund C. Panopio

Renowned Speaker for Nursing Congress 2020- Alfred Raymund C. Panopio
Alfred Raymund C. Panopio
National University, Philippines
Title : Caring-Rearing Practices and Child’s Academic Performance


Caring interventions and rearing practices of the family has a significant role in the holistic development of the child. Since the children were born with an empty slate, they are receptive about what the environment is providing them. The family and the care that they render belongs to the immediate milieu of the child, care practices that are undeniably a factor in shaping the future of the child. This research study aimed at determining the childcare practices that are relevant and is cognizant with a performing child in the school in terms of the academic domain. The participants were chosen based on their inclusion in the top performing public schools in Batangas City. The parents were the respondent for the care practices while the teachers assessed the academic ability of the child. A total of 215 students from grades 4 to 6 were selected as the target sample. Descriptive correlational design was utilized to determine the relationship between the childcare practices and their academic performance. A researcher made questionnaire was formulated and used face validity and content reliability to come up with the most appropriate instrument. Frequency distribution, weighted mean and chi square were the statistical tests utilized to aid in the analysis of data.  Results suggest that rationalizing the purpose of hygiene to the child affects their academic performance. Furthermore, allowing them to join family conversation and giving them monetary allowance for school significantly relates to their performance in the school. Having known these practices will be a good guide as parents strive to give their child a better assured future and eventually as they become parents themselves.
Keywords: childcare; care practices; academic performance


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