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March 22-24, 2021 | Online Event

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Kimberly McNally

Potential Speaker for Nursing Conferences 2021- Kimberly McNally
Kimberly McNally
McNally & Associates, USA
Title : Catalyze your leadership with coaching


We live in a fast-changing, increasingly complex and interconnected world. The impacts can be felt in nearly healthcare setting and are placing new demands on leaders. With the pace of change, nurse leaders are required more than ever to think about developing others and sustaining a committed and engaged workforce. How can you cultivate the capacities required to adapt and thrive as a nursing leader today?  Using a coaching approach, an essential evidence-based leadership mindset and set of behaviors, will help you do so. 
Nursing leaders who learn a coaching mindset and process can create higher engagement, trust, innovation and effectiveness. Using a coaching approach, leaders can build teams that continually strive for excellence.  A leader who uses a coaching approach can leverage team members’ strengths and close skill gaps, enhance team performance, improve peer collaboration and relationships. In so doing, leaders optimize the performance of their teams and the organization in a sustainable fashion.  Coaching supports leaders to unleash the talent of team members and support self-discovery and innovation, elements that can lead to breakthrough thinking and new ways of improving the health and healthcare of those served. 
This session will explore the benefits and impact of developing your coaching skills. Coaching accelerates individual and organizational performance, supports succession planning, and helps leaders make successful transitions. There are countless openings for coaching in day-to-day interactions with team members. Anytime you work one-on-one with team members to ask about their concerns, provide feedback, generate new perspectives, discuss upcoming challenges, and identify plans for professional development, you face an opportunity for coaching.


Kimberly McNally brings 20+ years experience in executive coaching, team facilitation, culture change, and leadership training.  Prior to starting her coaching practice, she held clinical and leadership roles in a variety of settings. Kimberly has coached all levels of leadership and served more than 125 organizations nationally and internationally since 1998.  She helps clients build their leadership capacity and presence to accelerate effectiveness. 
She co-authored The Nurse Executive’s Coaching Manual, (Sigma Theta Tau), recognized with an American Journal of Nursing 2010 Book of the Year Award in leadership/ management category.  She received a master’s in nursing from University of Washington. 


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