Singapore Nursing Research Conference

August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Jea Joel Mendoza Dungca

Speaker for Nursing Conferences 2020- Jea Joel Mendoza Dungca
Jea Joel Mendoza Dungca
Holy Angel University, Philippines
Title : Changed Lives by Changing Lives of Children with Congenital Anomaly


Congenital anomaly is a condition affecting 1 in 33 infants every year. Having a baby born with anomaly does not only affect the patient himself but more so the people surrounding the patient which is his family. The aim of the study is to explore the experiences of the families that act as a primary caregiver to children with any type of congenital anomaly in order to enhance the quality of care provided by the health care system to the patient affected by the condition and also to give much holistic attention to the families who give care to the patient. A phenomenological-heuristic type of research design was used in the study. Six informants willingly participated in the study under an informal, semi-structured interview with the main question “What is it like to care for a child with congenital anomaly?” The study revealed 7 main themes: Dealing with Tough Life, Sustaining your Child’s Needs, United in Times of Crisis, Slaves of Our Emotions, God Challenging Your Conviction, Side Effects of having a Family Member with Congenital Anomaly and Dealing with their Child’s Special Need. 


Jea Joel Mendoza-Dungca is a full time PhD student from Holy Angel University, Pampanga, Philippines. She completed her masters degree from the same university with a degree of Master of Science in Nursing Major in Adult Health Nursing. She was able to present her research both in Poster and Oral in various local and international research conference. She is also a co-author of research about Menopausal Women. She is highly interested in qualitative, feministic, maternal and paediatric research.


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