Singapore Nursing Research Conference

August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Ali Mohamed Batarfi

Ali Mohamed Batarfi
Hadramout Univeristy college of Medicine, Yemen
Title : Clinical Presentation Curriculum (CPC), an approach to match clinical teaching with clinical practice


Teaching clinical disciplines in the classical way ( disease-oriented)  is the usual way ,which is used in most medical and nursing schools. Even in case of conducting lectures in the form of interactive way, still there is a gap  between what is taught to students and what they are going to face in their future career. When a lecture is planned to be conducted about  acute appendicitis, it will be more or less in the format of ( title : acute appendicitis, then  definition ,etiology, pathophysiology, symptoms  and  signs, investigations , differential diagnosis, complications  and finally management. But in real life ,patient will come to out-patient clinic or emergency room complaining of acute abdominal pain associated with other symptoms such as  anorexia ,nausea  ,vomiting  and fever . if we analyze the way of lecturing the topics to student , we will find that there is no matching between lectures in  clinical teaching and what the students will face in their clinical practice. So if we conduct the teaching in a way similar to what the patient  will present to health professionals  asking for help ,we will  teach and train physicians and nurses in  a way that make them able to analyze the symptoms of patients ( presentation)  based on what he/she learned  through clinical presentation curriculum. This way of clinical reasoning will lead to improvement in their diagnostic accuracy. CPC  is an approach that match clinical teaching with clinical practice.


In 1997, as a member of the founding committee of the Hadhramout University College of Medicine (HUCOM), as a Vice-Dean (1999)  and later(2009) till now, as a Dean, I actively participated in introduction for the first time in the country of innovative medical curricula in Yemen. Team leadership responsibility was taken in managing the change to adapt a new PBL. In 2009, I introduced the recent innovation in clinical undergraduate study based on clinical presentation (The Clinical Presentation Curriculum-CPC) to replace PBL in clinical years. I was selected as a national reviewer for accreditation in Yemen since 2014.


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