Singapore Nursing Research Conference

August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Agnes Arun Swamy

Speaker for Nursing Conference 2020- Agnes Arun Swamy
Agnes Arun Swamy
Tehmi Grant Institute of Nursing, India
Title : Develop & assess the effectiveness of the nursing protocol/standard operating procedures on the knowledge & practices of the nurses regarding care of children on mechanical ventilator in the pediatric intensive care unit


When children are sick & hospitalized, they are treated by using various types of equipment's including mechanical ventilators, especially when they are admitted in the intensive care unit. The mechanical ventilator plays a vital role to save the life of the children. The nurses promote the effectiveness of ventilation by suctioning, positioning, ensuring that adequate humidification’s is provided, & providing support & reassurance to the child & the family. The researcher aimed at evaluating the existing protocols and practices regarding care of children on ventilator in hospitals. The design used for this study was Quasi-Experimental non-randomized control group design. The target population were the nurses working in the paediatric intensive care unit of the selected hospitals in Pune city. Sample size: it consisted of 80 nurses 40 in the experimental group and 40 in the control group. A structured questionnaire, observation checklist and a inventory checklist were used as a tool to assess the knowledge and practices of the nurses regarding care of children on ventilator. Standard Operating Protocols to care the children on ventilator. The knowledge score of nurses in the experimental and control group was from poor to good in the pre-test and post-test. In the experimental group in pre-test, it was found that 30 (75%) of the nurses had an average knowledge, six (15%) had poor knowledge and only four (10%) had good knowledge. In post-test 31 (77.5%) nurses had good knowledge and nine (22%) nurses had average knowledge scores. In the experimental group the mean post-test practice scores of nurses observed on day seventh first, second on day fourteenth and third observation on day twenty first after the implementation of nursing protocol was significant at 0.01 level of significance (Z=5.51, 5.51 & 5.51 > table value 2. This shows that the implementation of nursing protocol was effective in improving the observed practice scores statistically. The mean self-reported practice score of nurses before and after the implementation of nursing protocol was significant at 0.01 level research hypothesis was accepted. The analysis showed significant increase in the knowledge & practices score in the experimental group.


Dr .Agnes Swamy, has completed PhD in Nursing, is professor currently working in TGINE Pune, has teaching experience of 15 years, and clinical experience in NICU for almost 6 years. Passionate about teaching to nursing students. Guide for MSc nursing student’s research. Has published more than 15 research articles at national & International level.


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