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March 22-24, 2021 | Singapore

Litty Varghese

Speaker at upcoming Nursing conferences- Litty Varghese
Litty Varghese
Seha Ambulatory Healthcare Services, Dubai
Title : Diabetes patient, family & community education, strategies to improve patient compliance


Diabetes is a chronic, progressive disease that affects millions worldwide. India, with one of the largest and most diverse populations of people living with diabetes, experiences significant barriers in successful diabetes care. Type II diabetes continues to be a major health problem in India.
The paradigm of diabetes management has shifted to focus on empowering the person with diabetes to manage the disease successfully and to improve their quality of life.
Diabetes is one of the chronic illnesses for which self-management plays a central role in care. To optimize their health, individuals with diabetes may be advised regarding diet and exercise, frequent medical examinations, annual specialized examinations of their eyes and feet, and, for many, prescribed multiple oral or injected medications every day and for lifetime.
Diabetes self-management education program led by trained community health workers or PHC nurses and Dietitians play an important role to reduce disparities in diabetes care and outcomes in medically underserved communities. Education of vulnerable communities can become a cost-effective public health strategy as proven in many studies. Most of the private hospitals in Kerala do have a diabetes clinic, but mostly it is physician lead and patients and their family members do not have the opportunity to meet a diabetes educator.
Since family members can play a vital role in a patient’s disease management, involving them in self-care interventions may positively influence patients’ diabetes outcomes. It is important to provide family members with information about the illness and possible treatment options, validate their experiences as providers of support, teach them various stress management skills, and help them plan for the future. Group health education can affect family behavior and attitude in implementing life style modifications
Access to diabetes education is critically important; providing diabetes educators to individuals, family members with involvement of community  will serve to improve clinical and quality of life outcomes for diabetes community.



Litty Varghese; RN RM; MSN is worked as Head of Nursing Education, AHS/SEHA, UAE. She has 34 years of experience in the field of PHC and Ambulatory Health care Services, UAE and has expertise as JCIA chapter lead and tracer team member, quality improvement coordinator, diabetic clinic project coordinator, community program organizer, newsletter editor and researcher. She holds Master’s Degree in Community Nursing, MCQ (American Board of Medical Quality), Post Graduate Diploma in   Nursing Administration and obtained certification in Principles of Epidemiology and Biostatistics from CDC, Atlanta. She taught Vaccination in the residency program in Faculty of Medicine UAEU for 3 years. Recently she was invited as speaker at the SAARC Diabetes Awareness meet at Bangladesh. She presented papers and workshops in many national and international conferences. She also served as COO, SH Medical Centre, Kottayam for one year in 2018-2019, and currently she working as the Director of La Smilez multispecialty centre, Kochi, Kerala and acting as Management Consultant of JK Hospital, Kottayam


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