Singapore Nursing Research Conference

August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Nebiyat Demeke

Renowned Speaker for Nursing Conference 2020- Nebiyat Demeke
Nebiyat Demeke
Private Health Association and Social Enterprise Association, Ethiopia
Title : Effective model of home based health care service practice on social, economic, and women empowerment in Ethiopia


In general my whole presentation is going to be about community health. The home based health care service is a new phenomenon in our country. The service that we provide includes physical health care and behavioural health care. The home based health care helps our country in so many aspects. For example on the economical aspect we are creating a job opportunities for fresh graduates students. They could get more exposer in the working environment so there could develop their experience.
On the social aspect we decrease family burden so they could resume their day to day life. Also their love ones who are sick at home will get a professional help they need. On the other hand we decrease the burden of hospitals. Most of the patients that our organization provides the service for are elderly and chronically ill. They have stayed in the hospital for the longest period. Then when they are discharged to their home their family doesn’t have the wright education so those people have to go back to the hospital. This will increase the burden of the hospital so by provide a quality home based health care service we are changing that.
We are also working on women empowerment. By default the burden of taking care of a family member when they are sick or old is given to women in the family. So  to do that they quit their job and should stay at home. Our service prevent that by providing the health professional so that women should not quite there job and sacrifice their life. On the other hand more that 80% of our employees are women. We create more working opportunities for women because empowering women is empowering generation.       
The service that we provide is in general palliative care. Also in additional we give training to the health care providers. So we are also working on the prevention part of the communicate health and maximize the health education. By increasing that we could improve the quality of life. Combining the prevention and palliative part also collaborating and partnering with hospitals and other health sectors we are giving a holistic service at home.


Nebiyat Demeke  Fiseha is a Founder and General Manager  of  Rohobot  home based health care services Plc.  Her organization is providing home based health care service for chronic ill and elders with affordable price and the same times they are creating a job opportunity for medical college graduate.
She has a medical and sociology background and having more than 15 certificates related to her education and she participated in different national and international workshops.
She has more than 9 years of working experience on community based activities at World Learning Inc. on different positions.
She is a representative of Ethiopia on WIA54, 2019 and one of speaker on Social enterprise world form October 25, 2019. 


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