Singapore Nursing Research Conference

August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Kong Yuke Lin

Kong Yuke Lin
Institute for Health Systems Research, Malaysia
Title : Experience learnt from a rapid review process to select outcome indicators for monitoring pressure injury


Introduction: Rapid review is a method to yield evidence for healthcare decision making processes in a timely and systematic manner. This method was used to address the monitoring of pressure injury outcome, a major concern in Nursing Division, Ministry of Health, is being currently monitored nationally in all public hospitals. The purpose of this review was to identify internationally comparable outcome indicators used for monitoring pressure injury from the literature using the rapid review method. This paper aims to share lessons learnt in adapting rapid review methods for outcome indicator identification. Methods: The final review methodology resulted from experiential learning in conducting the review. An iterative process of continual refinement to ensure objective of review could be achieved was employed. This resulted in the choice and adoption of the most appropriate strategies based on problems and challenges encountered in the previous phase. We underwent four phases which are database search from reviews, snowballing search for articles and guidelines then followed by country level document reviews. Many of the review papers described interventions with minimal details, such as definition, criteria or formula. Snowball search yielded incomplete information as well for implementation purposes. Therefore, additional search was performed focusing on country indicators identified in database search. Document review on country level search produced the required information. Conclusion: A review of reviews could not yield sufficient information for the objective of this study. For our scenario, the document review of guidelines from specific countries was more appropriate as it provided necessary information related to outcome indicators search and contextualisation.


Matron Kong has a background in clinical nursing having worked in the field paediatrics, surgery and obstetrics after completion of her training in 1988. She subsequently received further training in Midwifery, Nursing Administration and Public Health Nursing. She received her degree in nursing in 2011 after which joined the Institute for Health Systems Research in 2015. She is a Principal Investigator (PI) for Rapid Evidence Synthesis on Outcome indicator(s) for monitoring pressure injury prevention. She has published BMC Health Services Research in 2019.


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