Singapore Nursing Research Conference

August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore


NIBD AND BMT, Pakistan
Title : Factors affecting health seeking behavior and health services in Pakistan


Health seeking practices and well-being management has been considered and the determinants are divided into physical, financial, social and political environments. Health knowledge as well as activities are the key elements that ensure high quality of health The audit found clear practices that pursue differences in sexual orientation, social conditions, infection occurrences and family economic conditions. In this way, an evidence-based approach must be planned by establishing an understanding of the way happiness practices and social insurance are used, and giving enough credibility to all determinants. By focusing on the benefits (network) factors caused by environment, financial variables, training levels, social beliefs and the human service framework itself, It is feasible to improve the requirements for the use of solid behavior and physical medical services. Men are considered to be the main head of a family.  Men’s instruction level is considered higher than women because man is dominant in our society.


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