Singapore Nursing Research Conference

August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Manashi Sengupta

Leading Speaker for Nursing Conferences 2020- Manashi Sengupta
Manashi Sengupta
Srimanta Sankaradeva University of Health Sciences, India
Title : Factors influencing clinical competencies of intensive care unit nurses in selected hospitals of Kamrup (Metro), Assam


Back ground: Professional competency is a fundamental element in the provision of nursing care. Professional competency refers to the delivery of nursing care on the basis of professional standards. Nursing competency is one of the major elements in terms of safety and quality of nursing care. In fact, professional competency in nurses is defined as a combination of skills, knowledge, attitudes, values and abilities that bring about effective or high performance in occupational and professional positions. Furthermore, professional competency is considered as correct judgment and habits in terms of the use of knowledge, technical skills, clinical reasoning, communication, feelings, values and rethinking daily activities aimed at providing services to individuals and the society.
Method: The study of the present research was conducted on 100 registered nurses selected by simple random sampling. The purpose of the study was explained to the nurses and written consent was taken from them and also assurance was given to maintain the confidentiality. The baseline data was collected from the samples using the structured interview schedule. Level of nurses clinical competencies was assessed by using the observational checklist and the factors influencing the clinical competencies of the ICU nurses was assessed by the Nurses competence scale (Rating Scale).
Result: As per the nurse competence scale, the score of clinical competencies are within the range of quite good (22-48) with percentage of nurses 93.14%, mean of 44.82 and S.D 4.93.The factors especially work role has high mean score of 47.7and SD 8.79and &teaching – coaching mean score of 38.79, SD 8.61 respectively suggesting that these two factors influence the level of clinical competencies of ICU nurses. Analysis of association between factors influencing the clinical competencies of ICU nurses with demographic variables by a chi square test found none of the demographic variables considered were statistically significant (P>.05).
Conclusion: The study concludes that the factor such as teaching – coaching & work role influences the level of clinical competencies of ICU nurses.


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