Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 22-24, 2021 | Singapore

Norbert W. Paul

Leading Speaker for Nursing Conferences 2021- Norbert W. Paul
Norbert W. Paul
Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center, Germany
Title : From moral reflexes to moral reflection: Interprofessional clinical ethics on the pediatric ICU


Whenever it comes to clinical decision making at the boundaries of life, multiprofessional perspectives and close attention to the values of both, affected patients and their families, need to be taken into account. Furthermore, the often-neglected moral distress or moral residue in teams of health care providers play an important role in the process of clinical decision-making, in particular in end-of-life situations. In the context of pediatric intensive care, the situation is even more complicated, since parents have to distinguish between the best interest of the child and their own interests on one hand and between (overly) optimistic and pessimistic perspectives of an ongoing treatment. This talk will present processes that facilitate families and teams in the setting of pediatric ICU to move from understandable moral reflexes and intuitions to moral reflection to determine the best therapeutic strategy and goal in critical care. Using clinical cases to illustrate the framework of ethically driven decision making will enable participants to translate the systematic approach to interprofessional clinical ethics into their own local contexts.


Prof. Dr. Norbert W. Paul, M.A. studied History, Philosophy, German Philology and Medicine at the Westfaelische Wilhelms University Muenster, Germany and graduated in 1991 (Humanites) and 1995 (Medicine). He was visiting professor and Alexander von Humboldt-Fellow in the Program in Genomics, Ethics, and Society and the Program in History and Philosophy of Science at Stanford University, USA. He joined the Heinrich-Heine-University Duesseldorf and later the Max-Delbrueck-Center for Molecualr Medicine Berlin, Germany as member of the scientific board. In 2004 he became distinguished professor for the History, Philosophy, and Ethics of Medicine the University Mainz, Germany. He is member of the Academy of Science and Literature and spokesman of the research program “Life Sciences – Life Writing”, DFG-grant 2015/2. He published about 160 scientific papers and books.



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