Singapore Nursing Research Conference

August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Ali Hussaini

Ali Hussaini
The Aga Khan University, Pakistan
Title : How socially responsible are tobacco companies in Pakistan? From doctrine to implementation: Critically reviewing corporate social responsibility within the tobacco companies of Pakistan "


This study investigates the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within the Tobacco Companies of Pakistan. Through Participatory Action Research (PAR) author explores the negative esteem of tobacco companies within the communities. Author argues that current interventions tend to cluster CSR ideologies and so fail to take account of its original meaning and importance.
Smokers – young and adult, are not all “helpless victims”; they can in some cases exercise a degree of abandon. Author examine the multidimensionality of ignorance towards CSR and look at the causes of its existence, understanding that there is no single cause but a multitude of factors which must be analyzed. The suggested interventions should be transformative and must target social-behavioral indicators to identify root causes of ignorance.
Using various methodologies, such as questionnaire, telephonic interviews and email correspondences, author has been able to explore the hidden vulnerabilities of Pakistani Tobacco Companies, which are otherwise unheard and go unnoticed.
This study is therefore about reflecting the value community holds and obligations of Pakistani Tobacco Companies towards them. In doing so, this study adds to the growing literature on the issues of CSR in the Tobacco Industry of the developing world.


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