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August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Aurang Zeb

Aurang Zeb
Rehman College Of Nursing RMI, Pakistan
Title : Informed consent reduces preoperative anxiety


Background: Preoperative anxiety is challenging concept in patients admitted to hospitals for surgeries, it could be reduce by various methods; Informed consent is one of the techniques that includes the provision of information to patients regarding anesthesia, surgical procedure and post-operative events and giving them the choice of autonomous decision, and ultimately reduce their anxiety.  
Objective: The aim this study was to determine the role of informed consent in reducing preoperative anxiety, in surgical patients of both public and private tertiary care hospital Peshawar.
Method: A quasi experimental study design was carried out among preoperative patients of surgical units. The sample of 65 participants was selected through convenient sampling technique. First, the preoperative anxiety was measured with valid adopted questionnaire APAIS. Second, the informed consent was presented and explained to patients and after this on the next day again preoperative anxiety was measured to see the effect of informed consent on preoperative anxiety.
Results: Among 65 participants 41 (63.1%) were males and 24 (36.9%) were females. 58 (89.2%) were married and 7 (10.8%) were unmarried. The mean age of participants was 49.92 +16.76 years. 24 (36.9%) of the participants were uneducated, 17 (26.2%) primary, 13 (20.0%) secondary, 6 (9.2%) bachelor, and 5 (7.7%) had higher education. The participants were graded for preoperative anxiety, 3 (4.6%) had somewhat, 9 (13.8%) moderate, 27 (41.5%) moderately high, and 26 (40.0%) had extremely high anxiety. while the post-intervention anxiety grades were identified as 20 (30.8%) somewhat, 18 (27.7%) moderate, 17 (26.2%) moderately high, and 10 (15.4%) extremely high. The study shows that well explained informed consent reduced the patient pre-operative anxiety.
Conclusion: Preoperative anxiety is common phenomena experienced by patient expecting surgical procedures, informed consent helps them in understanding the situation and reduces their anxieties related to surgical procedures.


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