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Saraswati Basnet

Saraswati Basnet
Tribhuvan University Institute of Medicine, Nepal
Title : Knowledge and self care practice of heart failure patients in Biratnagar


This study entitled “Knowledge and Self-Care Practice of Heart Failure Patients in Biratnagar”. The aim of the study was to identify knowledge and self care practice of heart failure patient. The study was conducted at Koshi Zonal Hospital in Biratnagar. Non probability purposive sampling technique was used. The total sample size was 109. An interview schedule consisting semi-structured interview schedule was used. The data was analyzed by using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The finding of this study revealed that around sixty-eight percent of respondents were age 61 to 80 years. Most of the (62.4%) respondents were female. Most the (35.8%) respondents were Bramin /Chhetri among ethnicity. More than half (51.4%) respondents were illiterate. Most of the (70.6%) of respondents were having poor knowledge whereas only twenty nine percent of respondents having good knowledge about self care management of heart failure. Most of the (64.2%) of respondents were having poor practice whereas only thirty three (33%) percent of respondents having good practice about self-care management of heart failure. It is also concluded that relation between level of knowledge significantly association with level of practice (P-value, 0.003 and 0.000) in which having good knowledge had good practice and having poor knowledge having poor practice of self-care management of heart failure patient.
Key Words: Knowledge, Self-care Practice, Heart failure, Health information, occupation.


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