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August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Gawad M. A. Alwabr

Speaker at upcoming Nursing conferences- Gawad M. A. Alwabr
Gawad M. A. Alwabr
Sana'a Community College, Yemen
Title : Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of biomedical waste management among healthcare staff in dental clinics of Sana'a city, Yemen


Background: Sufficient knowledge, attitudes, and practices toward biomedical waste management lead to minimizing risks of diseases transmitted from the wastes of hospitals and dental clinics to the community. Aim of this study was to assess knowledge, attitudes, and practices of biomedical waste management among healthcare staff in dental clinics of Sana’a city, Yemen. Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted among 194 healthcare staffs of dental clinics in Sana'a city, Yemen from May to July 2018. Random sampling was used for the selection of dental clinics and healthcare staff, a semi-structured questionnaire was distributed for data collection. IBM SPSS program version 21 was used for data analysis. Results: The overall adequate knowledge, positive attitudes, and practices of participants were (77.3%, 78.9%, and 52%) respectively. Only 29.9% of them knew of the medical waste management legislation while 97.9% were knowledgeable about the role of biomedical waste in diseases transmission. Majority of participants (96.4%) believed that safe management of health care waste is an issue at all while, only 24.2% were using the color-coding system for disposing of biomedical waste and 12.4% were using proper disinfection of biomedical waste before final disposal. Conclusion: We concluded that the levels of adequate knowledge and positive attitudes of healthcare staff of dental clinics in Sana'a city were a good while the level of practices was low. So, periodical training programs for biomedical waste management to the dental healthcare staff addition to issuing legislation and policies of safe management of medical waste and oblige dental clinics to implement it is highlighted.


Dr. Gawad Alwabr has obtained his Ph.D. degree in Environmental Sciences in 2014. He is Assistant Professor of Public Health & Environmental Safety in Sana'a Community College, Yemen. He has worked on various projects in the field of Public Health and Environmental Safety. He has published numerous research papers in several international scientific journals. He has an interest in health education and raising social awareness about public health and environmental safety. He also has a lot of interest in the research activities.


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