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Deborah Abshire

Leading Speaker for Nursing Conferences 2021- Deborah Abshire
Deborah Abshire
Emblem Healthcare, USA
Title : Laughter with leadership


Background: Nurse leaders are challenged with day to day stressors and feel isolated dealing with nurse shortage, burnout, emotional strain, and physical exhaustion. Laughter can promote a sense of health, wellness, reduce strain and stressors and impact staff nurses through a positive culture by changing the work environment. The aim of this study was to describe nurse leaders and staff nurses’ effects of laughter in clinical settings and key factors affected.
Methods: This qualitative study investigated nurse leaders and staff nurses with their experiences and effects with laughter. The setting was conducted though Cornerstone affiliated to Ensign company for this study. The participants involved 12 Baccalaureate degree (BSN) staff nurses, 7 BSN nurse leaders, and 2 master’s degree leaders for the data analysis. All nurses had minimum work experience of 2 or more years in various clinical areas. The data was collected though anonymous surveys with a series of 10 standardized questions related to this topic. Telephone interviews were used to supplement data collected. 
Results: The data was divided to include years in the profession, stressors in the workplace, emotional and physical wellbeing, nurse education level, leader or staff, culture and environment.
Conclusion: Awareness of nurses’ perception and understanding of laughter helps recognize contributing factors and provides beneficial directives for enhancing nurses and patients physical and emotional wellbeing. Sharing a culture of laughter by teaching strategies can impact nurses and present happier and fun work environment through value of laughter evolving patient care and nurses


Ms. Abshire studied nursing at Illinois Community College for Associates in Nursing degree in 1988, graduated 1991. She then continued her education at Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona with Bachelors in Nursing Science degree in 2015. She currently is working towards Masters in Nursing Science degree with emphasis in leadership, graduating 2019 at the same university. She has worked in the Director of Clinical Services position for 21 years in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and home health and hospice settings. She currently holds board president title for the state of Arizona for National Association for Director of Nurses Association (NADONA) for the last 6 years.


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