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August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Donna Byfield

Donna Byfield
Grady Memorial Hospital, USA
Title : Lived experiences of ostomy patients participatingin support groups: A qualitative phenomenology


Introduction: This descriptive phenomenological study was done to describe the lived experiences of patients with ostomies participating in support groups. Fifteen participants with different types of ostomies, who participate in monthly support groups, were recruited from the State of Georgia using purposive sampling. However, data were collected from 10 participants due to data saturation. Semi-structured interviews using one primary open-ended question and eight interview questions.  The number of years these participants have had ostomies ranged from six months to 60 years.
Objectives: To understand the participant’s prospective of participating in a support group.
Methods: Qualitative data was collected consist of audio-recorded semi-structured interviews ranging from 45 to 60 minutes. The hospital in which the support groups meetings are held monthly approved the use of the premises for the interview. Transcribed interviews were imported into NVivo 11 software twice to further clarify the coding, developed categories and identify themes and sub-themes. The data was analyzed inductively using thematic analysis according to Parse data analysis method.
Results:  In the study 4 major themes emerged and 10 sub-themes:
Conclusion The study findings suggested that participating in support groups allows individuals with ostomies to function at higher levels than they were before participating in the support group.


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