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March 22-24, 2021 | Singapore

Sofica Bistriceanu

Nursing Research Conferences- Sofica Bistriceanu
Sofica Bistriceanu
Academic Medical Unit – CMI, Romania
Title : Management Insights for Devastating Time Caused by The Loss of Loved Ones


Background: our varied emotional life changes the functioning of systems composing our body, according to its value. The insights into management accounting the mental activity disaster caused by the death of loved ones, and then smart decisions, partnering with key persons for the improvement model to scale down the effects of such devastating life moments, represent o priority for us.
The aim: to reveal the loss of loved ones effects on their relatives, dear ones, and how we can balance them.
Material & Method: qualitative study performed by the author into community, 1984-2019, referring to the people passing away impact on the community members; the relevant data including 24 individuals affected by definitive separation from their loved ones who passed away, used for analysis.
Findings: during, and after the time of loved ones loss, the people in their 2-3 life decades reported heart arrhythmia symptoms, those in their 4-5 life decades experienced depression, hypertension, endocrine disorders such as thyroid illness, type 2 diabetes, Cushing disease, and obesity. The people in their 6-8 life decades registered with advanced circulatory system diseases, more depression; some of them died 6 weeks to 6 months later.
Action taken: the physician dealt the situation using drugs, behaviour change information. She suggested to their families, community members more attention for the verbal and nonverbal communication with the patients. The doctor advocate for the refinement into collaborative framework, taking into account the patients’ preferences for the group therapy or solitude, not exceeding.
Results: the behaviour change, suitable drugs, communication skills enhanced the clinical outcomes in 6 to 18 or 24 months, according to the initial emotional tension magnitude, individual’s vulnerability.
Conclusion: the medical team, community members have to pay attention to desperate life moments for the people who lost their loved ones. The use of the drugs, kind words, attitudes, compassion, behaviour change with regard to their preferences for this life episode ameliorate its damage on the human existence.
Implication: each community member will experience soon or later definitive separation from his/her loved ones. We must rarefy the destructive power of such critical life moments, to remain minimal mental, physical injuries. The alliance for designing a model to ameliorate our vulnerability in front of such unplanned situations, represents our devotion in the end.


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