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August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Annie Haver

Annie Haver
Universtity of Stavanger, Norway
Title : Mental well-being and resilience of university nursing students in Norway: A qualitative study of the role of Shared Reading and Self Development Interventions


Objectives: This feasibility study is named HUS: “Helse, Utvikling og Samhold” (English: Health, Development and Unity) and aims to explore the feasibility of intervention groups through share-reading and self-development focusing on mental well-being and resilience among nurse students in Norway.
Design/Methodology: The study has a mixed method design. Two interventions are compared using qualitative and quantitative approaches. Feasibility via exploring measurements, texts/topic, materials and practicalities, e.g. number and size of shared-reading /self-development groups. Focus groups will be used to assess feasibility as well as meaningfulness of the interventions.
Interventions: Shared reading groups is an innovative, research-based reading intervention in which small groups read a literary text aloud and share their reflections, led by a trained facilitator, with the objective to create a safe setting for students to share their thoughts and feelings in a self-implicating reflection around the literary text.
Self-development groups will involve experience-based conversations, and is an approach in which students, through exchanging experiences, thoughts and feelings, develop a greater personal and professional consciousness. Being aware and confident in one's own function in relation to others is both health promoting and crucial in meeting with patients and relatives. An authorized therapist/nurse will guide the intervention groups.
Participants: The participants will be 20 first and second year Bachelor nursing students (10 in each group).
Implications: The outcome of this research has significant societal implications in terms of nursing students’ future working life and societal participation. Testing the transferability of effects of shared reading and self- development in order to foster greater resilience and mental well-being amongst universities students.


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