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Motomi Otsuka

Speaker at upcoming Nursing conferences- Motomi Otsuka
Motomi Otsuka
Okayama University, Japan
Title : Midwifery practice using the 3D hologram simulator in the U.K.


Middlesex University(MU) in the UK innovated 3D hologram simulator in addition to the conventional obstetrics simulator newly from 2018, and is being trained to midwifery practice. In this report, I introduce an educational suggestion of the midwifery practice using the 3D hologram simulator to be innovated into the MU skills center.
I obtained a visit opportunity that MU’s midwifery lectures ware being trained for innovated 3D hologram simulator at the MU skills center.
It was possible that Three-dimensional image construction to have virtual reality(VR) system, and a hologram function for a simulator function as a point unlike a conventional midwifery simulation, and the joint ownership seeing and hearing of the image built with VR goggles became possible. On training, I observed them realistically that the picture in VR goggles was able to build up 3D hologram delivery setting, invisible the inside mother’s body, the pelvis and the rotation of fetus. Furthermore, in high risk setting, I could see in VR goggles which built up in 3D hologram, postpartum hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia and anomaly of rotation.
It will be approaching the real clinical practice setting by utilizing stereoscopic l image construction function and watching 3D goggles image. It will be able to reproduce basic midwifery practice exercises and clinical practice situations for midwifery students while looking at the picture in VR goggles, and more real practice is enabled, and it will be able to become the new midwifery practice teaching method.



Ms. Motomi Otsuka, is a Midwife, a Public Health Nurse, a Registered Nurse and Assistant Professor in Midwifery and Maternal Nursing at Okayama University. She has published work that focuses on factors related to the satisfaction with pregnancy and childbirth in Japanese mothers residing in the U.K. “Universal Journal of Public Health.”


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