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Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 22-24, 2021 | Singapore

Usha Mullick Ukande

Leading Speaker for Nursing Conferences 2021- Usha Mullick Ukande
Usha Mullick Ukande
Care Continuum, India
Title : Nursing research: Why practicing nurses hesitate to adopt evidence based practice (EBP)?


Opinion has been gathered from nurses working in clinical area, from five clinical settings across the country through a few questions such as, ‘what do they understand by the term EBP’, ‘Is their nursing practice evidence based?’, ‘do they have in-service education on EBP, regularly?’  ‘do they think use of EBP helps improve patient care?’, ‘what are the barriers if any, in adopting EBP in clinical settings?’ ‘give your views on what can the nursing administration do to help clinical nurses adopt EBP in their day to day patient care activities?’
The semi-structured opinionnaire revealed that: 1) nearly half of the respondents had a fairly clear idea about EBP. 2) very few had applied specific evidence in their day to day practice. Most of them had used evidence in nursing practice for prevention of hospital acquired infection. 3) Most of the clinical nurses said EBP would improve quality of care, patient satisfaction, coordination with other members of health care team and raise their confidence and also raise the status of nursing profession. 4)  Lack  of knowledge about EBP, no regular in-service-education, shortage of staff, improper time management, lack of culture for conducting and utilising research in clinical area, no library or internet facilities in clinical area and lack of support from the nursing and hospital management  and  ‘staying in the comfort zone of traditional practice’ were the major barriers to EBP by nurses in clinical settings. 5) Almost all of them showed interest to go for EBP provided there is support and action by the nursing administrators in clinical areas to provide facilities such as: regular in-service-education, mentoring, library and internet facilities and standard protocol setting and periodical review of the protocols based on latest research were some of the suggestions given by the participants.
Nurses appreciate use of Evidence Based Practice and understand its benefit for patients and for their own satisfaction as well as for their professional development.


Principal, Choithram College of Nursing, CH&RC; Indore, India. She did her basic nursing and post -graduation, won gold medals in both, and obtained her Ph D (Nursing) by doing a comparative study on women’s health and did post- doctoral study on “Perceptions and experiences of Late Motherhood” in collaboration with Karolinska Institute, Sweden. She has around 50 years of professional experience in nursing. She is a resource person for Unicef & AusAid projects. Launched Indian Journal of Nursing Studies in 2010. She established “Midwife-led Natural Birthing Center” at  Indore. Presented more than 100 research papers, research interest includes developments of Maternal & Child Health, Nursing education and practice, Yoga & Computers in nursing education.


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