Singapore Nursing Research Conference

August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Mridula Saikia Khanikor

Mridula Saikia Khanikor
Regional College of Nursing, India
Title : Spirituality In Nursing


Nursing had always been associated with spirituality as the words like “alleviating” and “healing from suffering” had been constantly used in the syllabus and often been carried down from teacher to pupil.
Spirituality is an intrinsic aspect of humanity which is dynamic in nature. People seek ultimate meaning on purpose of life, relationship with self, society, cosmos, universe, not to speak with significant others. Usually, spirituality is expressed through beliefs, values, traditions and attitudes developed towards life. It is also believed that there is a strong bond between spirituality and well being of positive health, positive mental health and positive health practices.
Most families of the patients/individuals do not believe in depth individualized and specialized care from the nurses especially towards spiritualism. Yet there is a strong expectation that the nurses do give a lending ear for active and empathic listening, compassion and proactive communication.
This indicates there is a call for spiritualism to take a place as an essential service by the nurses.
As understood, there is a close tie between spiritual motivation and the nurse, and that has been demonstrated throughout the history of Nursing. Patients yearn for a trusting and good relationship with the nurses. This can be a prerequisite in revealing the spiritual need of the patients. This withholds judgment, provides emotional connection, and communicating that “you are not alone”. Spiritual care is therefore more of a personalized care and not an organisational checklist to be followed neither an institutional protocol.


Specialized in Psychiatric Nursing. Started as a Lecturer in Psychiatric Nursing, then a Professor in Nursing Administration. Headed as a Principal in Nursing College. Presently a Vice Chancellor of a University. A recognized Research Guide, in Nursing and para medical Sciences. Has 21+ papers as credit towards publications. Paper setter, evaluator, thesis adjudicator and PhD examiner.


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