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Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 22-24, 2021 | Singapore

Li Li

Renowned Speaker for Nursing Conference 2021- Li Li
Li Li
Peking University School of Nursing, China
Title : Station of hospital presentation in patients with obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome


Objective To investigate the station of hospital presentation in patients with obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea ?OSAHS.
Method  The questionnaires were used in the study to investigate the current state of seeking medical assistance in patients with OSAHS. Analyze the interval time?‘I.T.’ for short? between first realized having sleeping disease and getting treatment and the relevant factors.
Results A total of 89 cases with diagnosed OSAHS were enrolled. There were 81?91.01%? people realized they having sleeping diseases. The median I.T was 17 months?and the longest I.T. was 31 years?Most of them have clinical implications in there clinical manifestations?63?70.80%? patients' scores of Epworth sleepiness scale?ESS? were ≥9? patients with snore or apnea in sleeping were76?85.39%??80?89.88%?patients' values of BMI were more than 24? 50?56.18%? patients' value of neck circumference were more than 40? 65 ?73.03?? patients reported complications of hypertension. Significant predictors of hospital presentation?odds ratio?P? included?neck circumference?1.309?0.006? and ESS?1.150?0.019?.Total 61.80% people didn't go to see a doctor for having no influence on life?only 3.37% patients came to see the doctor by the advises of general practitioners?none of them came to see the doctor by the tips of health check-up. Conclusion The realization of hospital presentation in patients with OSAHS was bad. Healthy education to improve the realizations was needed?especially in cognize of target organ damage and imperceptibility. And the functions of community need to enhance.


Mrs. Li received her MA degree in 2005 at Peking University School of Nursing , and she obtained the position of an Assistant Professor at the same university.. She teach courses of  Medical Nursing, Techniques of Physical Assessment ,Medication and Care and Basic Life Support?CPR and AED??Instructor, AHA?. Her main research areas is Chronic Disease Management (COPD\OSAHS\CHD).


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