Singapore Nursing Research Conference

August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Raefa Refaat Alam

Renowned Speaker for Nursing Conference 2020- Raefa Refaat Alam
Raefa Refaat Alam
Mansoura University, Egypt
Title : Student’s perception of educational environment by three nursing institutes


Background: With the worldwide movement towards ensuring quality in education, seeking feedback and assessing student’s satisfaction become of a paramount importance. Educational environment plays a vital role in the process of ensuring the effectiveness of learning and educational activities.  Aim: Assessment of student’s perception of Educational Environment by Three Nursing Institutes. Method: A cross-sectional study was carried out in 3 Technical Institutes of Nursing in Egypt during January 2019. Target population: Nursing students enrolled in these institutes: Technical Institute of Nursing in Sherbin affiliated to the Ministry of Higher Education, the Technical Institute of Nursing at Mansoura University, and the Technical Institute of Nursing in Damietta affiliated to the Ministry of Health. Results: the total mean DREEM score was 133.7±28.9 and 54.2% of scores were in the category of more positive than negative.  The mean scores of the subscales were 32.6 for students’ perception of learning (SPL)* with 47.5% of more positive perception, 29.3for students’ perception of teachers (SPT) with 53.3% in the category of moving in the right direction, 22.5forstudents’ academic self-perception (SASP)* with 46.8% feeling more on the positive side, 31.7for students’ perception of atmosphere (SPA)* with 48.4% of many issues need changes and 17.7for students’ academic self-perception (SASP)* with 52.8% not too bad category. Conclusion Collaboration between the nursing institutions and health care agencies is essential to meet the preferred characteristics of effective learning environment as perceived by undergraduate nursing students. Recommendations: Improving communication between staff and students and using new teaching methods to overcome student overcrowding.


Raefa Refaat Alam, assist prof in gerontological nursing department, Mansoura University.
I’m dean of technical institute of nursing affiliated to Ministry of higher education since 5 years, Egypt.
I Have a lot of responsibilities as the following:-

  1. Participate in scientific committee in university and college ( quality unit, internship, Committee university facilities)
  2. Coordinator of Internship Year in Technical Institute of Nursing.
  3. Teaching scientific courses for undergrad  in Faculty of Nursing and Technical Institute of Nursing
  4. Teaching scientific courses for post grade students (Master and Doctor Degree).
  5. Supervising of 3 theses in Faculty of Nursing.
  6. Preparing and writing her scientific research papers for upgrading to the highest scientific grades in specialty.

I had quality training management course. I’m a research nurse in Egyptian liver hospital since six years


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