Singapore Nursing Research Conference

August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Reina Rose D. Gulmatico

Leading Speaker for Nursing Congress- Reina Rose D. Gulmatico
Reina Rose D. Gulmatico
National University, Philippines
Title : The Effect of Swaddle Bath in the Thermoregulation and Quality of Sleep among Infants


Background: Thermoregulation is the ability to balance heat production and heat loss in order to maintain body temperature with certain normal range. Infants are not as adaptable as adults to temperature change. On the other hand, sleep is another physiologic need  among infants. Some infants sleep only for two to three hours at a time. Rocking an infant to sleep is being done to provide warmth and security for the infant. One of the responsibilities a mother should give to her child is bathing. However, bathing is one of the most nerve-wracking experiences that an infant would face.  This study determined the effect of swaddle bath in the thermoregulation and quality of sleep among infants in the community.
Methodology: This quantitative, quasi-experimental, pre-posttest research design compared the relative outcomes of Swaddle and Conventional Bath on the thermoregulation and quality of sleep among 36 infants using a self-made research tool adapted from the Brief Infant Sleep Questionnaire (BISQ). A purposive sampling design was used; wherein eighteen (18) of them were assigned in the experimental group and another eighteen (18) in the control group. Weighted mean was used to measure the average difference on the temperature and quality of sleep of the experimental group before and after receiving the Swaddle Bath. Paired sample t-test evaluated the significant difference between the temperature and quality of sleep of the experimental and control group before and after the bath.
Results: The results showed that there is a significant difference on the thermoregulation of the infants before and after the bath in the swaddle bath group and not found in the conventional group. In terms of mean duration of sleep, infants in the conventional group is greater than in the swaddle group. In terms of duration of wakefulness, the decrease in the mean duration in the conventional group is higher than swaddle group. There is a significant difference between the swaddle and conventional group in terms of the average number of wakefulness and duration to put the infant to initial sleep.
Conclusion: Overall, swaddle bath is effective in maintaining thermoregulation and improving quality of sleep among infants.
Keywords: swaddle bath; conventional bath; infant; thermoregulation; sleep pattern


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