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Nursing Conferences 2020- Zubeda
Institute of nursing Dow university of health sciences Karachi Pakistan, Pakistan
Title : The prevalence of needle stick injury and their reporting among nursing students in Karachi, Pakistan


Objective: we aimed to measure the proportion of Needle stick injury (NSI) among nursing students of Karachi Pakistan. Methods: we conducted cross sectionalsurvey in ten nursing schools (Five private Five public) situated in Karachi and included all students of diploma nursing. A structured questionnaire was used to collect information about number of NSI during last six month. Data about the reporting of the incident and post exposure prophylaxis was also collected for those who experienced any NSI.Age was categorized into three different categories and proportion with percentage for different age group was calculated. Proportion of NSI and its 95% CI was calculated. Frequency with percentage was calculated for all other categorical variables. . Result:Over all 850 students were approached and 742( 87%) consented to participate in the study.Among742 student nurses, 283 (38.1 %) were of 1st year, 253 (34.1%) of 2nd year and 206 (27.8%) were from 3rd year.427 (57.7 %) were male and 315 (42.5%) were female. Furthermore, 399 (53.8 %) were from Government schools of nursing and 344(46.2%) were from private schools of nursing. Out of 742 participants 370 (49.9%) experienced NSI during last six month. About 155( 40% ) reported the incident of NSI to higher authority and the most common reasons of not reporting was lack of reporting department , work load and lack of knowledge. Conclusion; NSI is common among nursing students in Karachi. The only few of them report the incident to the concerned authorities and hence can not avail the post exposure prophylaxis. Therefore nursing students are at high risk of developing blood borne infection. Keywords: Needle sticks injuries, nursing, students, and blood borne infections.


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