Singapore Nursing Research Conference

August 17-19, 2020 | Singapore

Dorothy Sanders Thompson

Leading Speaker for Nursing Conferences 2020- Dorothy Sanders Thompson
Dorothy Sanders Thompson
Title : Ventilator-Associated Events & Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia


Ventilator associated events (VAEs) can identify complications of respiratory condition in ventilated patients including, Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP). Research show that VAP is the most common hospital acquired infection among ventilated patients, and the leading source of mortality. The purpose of this study was to examine the knowledge of ICU of nurses’ evidence-based guidelines in the prevention of VAEs/VAP. The practice-focused for this study What was the ICU nurse’s knowledge of evidence-based interventions to prevent VAEs/VAP. Malcolm Knowles’ Adult Learning Theory was chosen for the study. This was a quantitative study; descriptive statistics were used to calculate the frequency of participants’ responses. A pre- and post- intervention questionnaire measuring knowledge of VAP (QMKVAP). Findings: Nurses answered more questions correctly on the post intervention questionnaire (M 95.37 +1.78) than on the pre-intervention (M 79.8 +2.16). The results of the pre? and post?intervention were compared using Student's t?test for quantitative variables There was a Statistically significant increase in the knowledge scores of the ICU nurses following the intervention at period (p<.001). RNs are the leaders at the bedside and directly affect patient safety; therefore, ICU nursing knowledge and skills are required to assess patients at risk for VAP/VAEs. VAEs and VAP have critical and devasting impacts for patient safety, quality care, and cost to hospitals. Increasing nurse’s knowledge and awareness of prevention strategies may reduce and sustain minimal incidents VAEs and VAP, which would positively impact social change.


Dorothy Sanders-Thompson studied Science and nursing at Alcorn University, Miss, and graduated in 1983. She continued her graduate level work at Walden University, receiving a Master’s in Education, and pursuing terminal degree in nursing leadership. Currently, she is a nurse manager with VAMC. She has also held faculty and associate faculty positions. Her background includes teaching, and administration. As part of her scholarly work, she has presented work on leadership, education and various other topics. She coaches staff and mentors’ students as a means of defining scholarship, enhancing the quality of care, and advancing the profession of nursing.


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