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2nd Edition Of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 21 -23, 2022 | Singapore

Nursing 2021

Bridging the Gap: Bedside & Executives – An Integrative Review

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2021 - Melanie Leach
University of Texas Medical Branch, United States
Title : Bridging the Gap: Bedside & Executives – An Integrative Review


Leadership is a top characteristic when searching for a new manager or executive in an organization. The main question to be answered is, can this person get the job done and can the individual lead others to get the job done. But why, when an organization has a great leader in place are the results not as successful? This integrative review studied the literature on what relationships exist between healthcare leaders and front-line nurse. Is this a real problem, is it perception and has it even been studied in nursing literature?

Take away notes:

  • The current literature available for researchers on communication with bedside clinicians and upper leadership
  • Become aware of the gaps in the current literature on healthcare leadership
  • Understand the importance of bridging the gap of communication and understanding with bedside nurses


Melanie Leach studied nursing at the University of Texas Medical Branch. It did not take her long to realize she wanted to help make changes in the organization. Melanie went on to complete her Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Tyler in 2018. A few years into her administrative role, she started the PhD in nursing journey with a projected graduation date of 2024.