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2nd Edition Of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 21 -23, 2022 | Singapore

Nursing 2021

Challenges in Nursing Research

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2021 - Subhash Chandra Sharma
SKIMHS&R Nursing College, India
Title : Challenges in Nursing Research


Nursing Research dates back to Florence Nightingale era followed by slow acceptance.  Earlier researches were mainly in Nursing Education and administration.  In the era of 1950’s Nursing Research was accepted as part of professional Nursing.  1970 onwards was the period of clinical practice.  Research process is an attempt to gain new knowledge through scientific method of systematic investigation.  Most of the results of nursing research are never adopted due to inconclusive results, non communication of findings and failure to experiment with findings.
Nursing research is a vital component to the health care field; helps implement new changes in the life long care of individualsand  is used to develop treatments that provide the most optimum level of care.It focuses on developing and promoting high levels of standards in the following areas: high quality management of patients during long term illnesses;  developing advancements that aid patients in recovery; developing standards that help reduce the numbers of disease in the community;  promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing the onset of preventable diseases and illnesses;  helping to instill techniques and treatments that increase the quality of life in patients with degenerative diseases;  easing the transition for those who are facing the end of life;  encompasses a holistic approach;  views the treatment of the patient, family members, and caregivers as a whole;  focuses on the whole community involved in the patient's care, there is a greater level of effectiveness when new techniques are implemented;  by utilizing  holistic approach, quality of care is enhanced;  the health field makes significant advances every day; as science unfolds and expands man's concept of the boundaries of medicine, we can expect that this will cause considerable and important leaps in the area of health and treatments;  these new changes will continue to be implemented and developed into therapies and treatments that will ultimately bring faster healing and better quality of life to the patients who need them most;  these therapies are not only for the bettering of the patient, but also for the community as a whole; scientific progress and discovery means less disease, fewer illnesses, more vaccines, and a better quality of life for the community as a whole.
The need of the hour is to emphasise on clinical research.  The positive reasons are it being a part of everyday work, sense of personal satisfaction, easy access to patient care and eventually improves the health care. The reasons for lack of clinical research are too busy attitude, academic training not geared towards theoretical conception, importance not learnt and understood, lack of confidence, ethics are frightening, lack of motivation in hierarchy and finally lack of time and funds.
Challenges facing nursing research are choosing the right topic and methodology, assembling the research team, finding research participants, getting institution to participate, staying motivated and working the plan and dealing with data.
Challenges in real life nursing research are permission, funding, logistics, random events, recruitment, confidentiality, roles and boundaries, complaints, dissemination and translation of findings into practice.


Dr Subhash Chandra Sharma an aluminous of CON Ahmdabad (1982), MN (1986) and MPhil    1990 from RAK CON Delhi and PhD (1994) from University of Rajasthan. Administrative and Lecturer teaching profile include  and Principal at SON & CON  in Rajasthan and Haryana and  Associate Professor Community Medicine  and Registrar at SIHFW Rajasthan.  PhD guide and examiner at IGNOU and JJT University, Three  papers presented at International level. Awarded special recognition award for significance in international research 1991,life time achievement award by TNAI Rajasthan state branch 2018 and Rajasthan Pvt Nursing association 2019.  Presently Director and Professor of SKIMHS&R Nursing College Jaipur.