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Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 21 -23, 2022 | Singapore

Nursing 2021

Marvin Jay Salvador

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2021 - Marvin Jay Salvador
De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute, Philippines
Title : Effects of superhero splint distraction technique in the level of pain among pediatric clients during intravenous insertion


Background of the Study: Intravenous cannula insertion is one of the most common medical procedure and source of pain in hospitalized children. It is a painful procedure that has been associated with increased levels of distress in children and 60% of children reported a fear of needles (Taddio, Thivakaran, Jamal, Parikh, Smart & Katz, 2012).
Objectives: Evaluate the effectiveness of Superhero Splint Distraction Technique during intravenous insertion in children and to determine the profile of the respondents.
Basic Procedure: The respondents of the study are limited to twenty-four pediatric clients confined in the emergency
room of Pagamutan ng Dasmarinas aging three to six years old who underwent intravenous insertion for the first time. The
respondents are divided into two groups, the comparison and the treatment group. The first-mentioned underwent standard
routine procedure while the second group underwent Superhero Splint Distraction Technique.
The significant difference in the level of pain experienced by pediatric clients during Intravenous Insertion after the application of Superhero Splint Distraction Technique showed that the t value of 12.29 is significantly different at 0.05 level of significance using 22 degrees of freedom.
General Conclusion: There is significant difference in the level of pain between the comparison and treatment group.
Therefore, hospitals in the Philippines may use the results of this study by creating new guidelines and policies for intravenous
insertion which may turn into a less traumatic experience.
Audience Take Away:
• There are various methods of distraction techniques and the benefits of distraction techniques during intravenous
insertion among pediatric clients. Nonpharmacologic interventions is given emphasis to this presentation during
intravenous insertion to improve the standard of care provided to pediatric clients
• This presentation provides an avenue for nurses around the world to learn technique that is very beneficial to the them
in the conduct of care to their patients through decreasing their client’s pain response to IV insertion, improve their
technique and reassure the parents that the children will feel comfortable during IV insertion
• Hospitals around the world may use the results of this study by creating new guidelines and policies for intravenous
insertion. By incorporating the Superhero Splint Distraction Technique as well as adopting other distraction techniques,
the pain experienced by children during intravenous insertion may turn into a less traumatic experience. Also, nurses
will be able to have active role in updating the policies and guidelines for intravenous insertion by strengthening the inservice training program and incorporating the result of the evidence-based practice in intravenous administration like
the use of the Superhero Splint Distraction Technique may open an avenue for more discoveries for patient comfort and