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5th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 24-26, 2025 | Singapore

Nursing 2024

Joanna Koch

Joanna Koch, Speaker at Nursing Conferences
Joanna Koch
La Leche League, Switzerland


Joanna Koch was born and brought up in the UK and in 1960 married a German and came to live in Switzerland. In 1973 we were given Swiss Nationality. Since 1975 we live in Kilchberg, which is next door to Zurich. 1966 our first daughter was born, the second daughter in 1969 and our son in 1975. All three were breastfed and just after the first daughter was born, I learnt about La Leche League here in Switzerland. Then I joined La Leche League and became an Advisor. We held meetings in our house every month to help and encourage mothers with their babies and show them the best way and how to breastfeed. We started “Family Matters” back in the 90ies which was a small booklet and then became an email. It helped so many mothers and families. I still represent La Leche League Switzerland. La Leche League International started back in the 1950ies in Chicago and is now all over the world – helping breastfeeding in most countries. I am connected with WHO and the UN, helped to start the Alliance for Health Promotion in 2015, and am a member of the NGO CSW Association with its head office in Geneva and connected with the UN, and I also represent Solar Cookers International. Many families need help, so we do our best. Breastfeeding saves our world!

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