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5th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 24-26, 2025 | Singapore

Nursing 2022

Mudhar Al Adawi

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2022 - Mudhar Al Adawi
Royal Hospital, Oman
Title: Development of a nurse preceptor competence guide Delphi study


Background: Preceptors are viewed as major individual for the success and development of novice nurses. However, most nurse preceptors lack the guidance during preceptorship. Therefore, the nurse preceptor competency guide is essential for the success of novice nurses specifically, and for the organization in general. This paper describes the method of developing the nurse preceptor competence guide at one tertiary hospital. 

Method: In a three-round Delphi-study, a panel of experts discussed which core competencies are relevant for the nurse preceptor. The 8 experts, including preceptor nurses, nurse educator, and research nurse, nursing administration, nursing human resource, training and studies representative were asked to select items from a list of 5 domains with 62 description items based on the literature and on a previous studies. Furthermore, the expert panel was asked to add competencies based on their experience in practice. The threshold used for consensus was set at 75%.

Results: Consensus was achieved on the core competencies of the nurse preceptor. These five domains of competencies are Support novice nurse to develop inter-professional Communication skills, appropriate teaching strategies, Time Management Skills, Build a learning atmosphere, and Coaching critical thinking. Each domain of these domains required sub-domain and description. In total, 83 description items were identified as requirement during preceptorship.

Conclusion: the five domains of nurse preceptor competencies are required to be evaluated for applicability at clinical setting. Moreover, these competencies should be integrated into educational activities such as preceptorship workshop to enhance the preceptors knowledge on the components required from them, and allow the preceptors to provide their feedback on the use of the tool at clinical setting. 

Key words: nurse preceptor, competency, and preceptorship. Delphi study.