2nd Edition Of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 21-23, 2022 | Online Event

Nursing 2022

Adele Webb, Speaker at Nursing Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Adele Webb, Capella University, United States

It has been well documented that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused significant stress and burnout for providers.  The nursing profession is losing qualified and important staff due to vaccine hesitancy and fear of contracting the virus.  Nurses are reporting cases of PTS [....] » Read More

Usha Ukande, Speaker at Nursing Conference
Keynote Presentation
Usha Ukande, Choithram College of Nursing, India

Opinion has been gathered from nurses working in clinical area, from five clinical settings across the country through a few questions such as, ‘what do they understand by the term EBP’, ‘Is their nursing practice evidence based?’, ‘do they have in-s [....] » Read More

Donna White, Speaker at Nursing conferences 2022
Keynote Presentation
Donna White, University of Massachusetts - Boston, United States

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Marta Sund Levander, Speaker at Nursing Congress 2022
Oral Presentation
Marta Sund Levander, Linkoping University, Sweden

Background: Assessment of body temperature: Assessment of body temperature is an important sign of health and disease, in everyday life, for medical decisions, for nursing care, and when ordering laboratory test. When assessing body temperature, we must understand thermoregulat [....] » Read More

Ericka K Waidley, Speaker at Nursing Congress 2022
Oral Presentation
Ericka K Waidley, Linfield College Good Samaritan School of Nursing, United States

The impact of the use of technology on patient care has been a focus of the healthcare industry for more than a decade. Recognizing the impact of technology on nursing practice and how this affects the nurse’s engagement with patients is a significant challenge for the futu [....] » Read More

Shrenik Ostwal, Speaker at Nursing 2022
Oral Presentation
Shrenik Ostwal, Narayana Super Speciality Hospital, India

Cancer-related secondary lymphedema is a pathological condition that develops following obstruction of the lymphatic system by direct invasion, metastasis, surgical removal, or irradiation of the lymph nodes, resulting in collection of protein rich fluid in any area of body. Most [....] » Read More

Sr Josline, Speaker at Nursing Conference 2022
Oral Presentation
Sr Josline, Mar Sleeva College of Nursing, India

Background: Puberty, the biological transition to reproductive maturity is considered as an exemplary marker of transition from childhood to adolescence. Although puberty is a natural event, early puberty poses a risk for number of psychosocial problems in preadolescent girls. C [....] » Read More

Li Li, Speaker at Nursing Conference 2022
Oral Presentation
Li Li, Peking University School of Nursing, China

Objective: To investigate the station of hospital presentation in patients with obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea ?OSAHS. Method:  The questionnaires were used in the study to investigate the current state of seeking medical assistance in patients with OSAHS. Analyze the in [....] » Read More

Eman Salman Taie, Speaker at Eman Salman Taie: Nursing 2022 Speaker
Oral Presentation
Eman Salman Taie, Nursing- Helwan University -Cairo, Egypt

Background Meeting is a purposeful gathering of people, a goal oriented work session, a productive use of communal time and a cooperative group effort. Six thinking hats approach aims to encourage parallel thinking, full-spectrum thinking and to separate ego from performance. [....] » Read More

Jafarjalal Ezzat, Speaker at Jafarjalal Ezzat: Nursing 2022 Speaker
Poster Presentation
Jafarjalal Ezzat, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Background and aims: Improving patient safety culture in Healthcare System (HCSs) is the first step in reducing medical errors and improving patient safety. One of the factors involved in safety are team work and Collective work. In the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit teamwork is im [....] » Read More

Patricia M Burrell, Speaker at Nursing Congress
Keynote Presentation
Patricia M Burrell, Hawaii Pacific University, United States

In a Transcultural Self-Efficacy screening that focused on students’ perceived self-efficacy on the issues of culture and health care, the students scored themselves very high on advocacy. We utilized Jeffrey’s Transcultural Self-Efficacy Tool which measures transcult [....] » Read More

Elvessa Narvasa, Speaker at Nursing congress
Keynote Presentation
Elvessa Narvasa, Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses Montreal, Canada

As new discoveries are being made on a daily basis, medical technology is experiencing advancements in robotic applications. These intelligent machines will progressively become part of our hospitals technological evolution and medical staff. Henceforth, NURSES will inevitably ne [....] » Read More

Maria Edvardsson, Speaker at Nursing Conferences 2022
Oral Presentation
Maria Edvardsson, Linkoping University, Sweden

Background: In clinical practice, blood samples are used to assess health condition, confirm diagnosis and treatment. When interpreting the results, comparison with reference intervals, often constructed from healthy persons, aged 18–65 years, are used. It is a challenge to [....] » Read More

Chunyan Li, Speaker at Chunyan Li: Nursing 2022 Speakers
Oral Presentation
Chunyan Li, Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, China

Objective  To evaluate ophthalmic nurses’ cognition and willingness towards ONP in Hunan Province, and to provide references for the role development of ONP in China. Methods  A cross-sectional online survey of ophthalmic nurses in Hunan Province was conducted [....] » Read More

Sheela Shenai NA, Speaker at Nursing Conference 2022
Oral Presentation
Sheela Shenai NA, Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church College of Nursing, India

Nursing is a Practice based profession. The establishment of a good learning environment where theory and practice complement each other is dependent on clinical staff and nurse educators. Preceptorship model has widely been supported in literature as an effective approach to fac [....] » Read More

Sivasankari S, Speaker at Nursing Conferences
Oral Presentation
Sivasankari S, AIIMS, India

Introduction: Understanding the cognitive base of professionalism renders to attain common consensus of concept, attributes, and indicators of professionalism in nursing. The study is aimed to define professionalism, its attributes and identify the indicators of professionalism i [....] » Read More

Wahyuni, Speaker at Wahyuni: Nursing 2022 Speaker
Oral Presentation
Wahyuni, Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia

Prevalence of drug abuse among teenagers is increasing which causes an increasing rehabilitated teenager who used drugs. To supporting the success of rehabilitation requires high self efficacy and resilience. The aim of this study was to see the relationship between self efficacy [....] » Read More

Brenda Spear, Speaker at Nursing congress
Oral Presentation (Virtual)
Brenda Spear, Chamberlain University, United States

Problem:  Excessive non-actionable ECG monitor alarm alerts lead nurses to become desensitized or alarm fatigued, causing caregivers to be less responsive for alarms that need immediate attention. Studies show that 80-99% of the alarms are non-actionable or clinically insign [....] » Read More

Ilene Gottlieb, Speaker at Nursing 2022 Conference
Keynote Presentation
Ilene Gottlieb, Vibrational Healing From The Heart, Inc., United States

The key to experiencing true happiness, success, overall wellbeing and inner peace in your professional and personal life begins and ends with a conscious connection to your heart … period! During these challenging times, self-care is a necessity in order to maintain overa [....] » Read More

Sofica Bistriceanu, Speaker at Nursing Conferences
Keynote Presentation
Sofica Bistriceanu, Academic Medical Unit – CMI, Romania

The people interaction generates a variety of effects on them, according to the content degree solicitation, relevance, context, individual vulnerability, resistance. Experiencing adversities in our life affects and alters our body functionality, finally failure or victory on [....] » Read More

Nellie Prudhomme, Speaker at Nursing Conferences 2022
Keynote Presentation
Nellie Prudhomme, South Louisiana Community College, United States

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Assuma Beevi , Speaker at Nursing 2022
Keynote Presentation
Assuma Beevi , MIMS College of Nursing, India

Every nurse should keep in mind that nursing research is critical to the nursing profession and is necessary for continuing advancements that promote optimal nursing care. Indian nurses also move in par with this idea. Historical review of nursing research showed that in1982 witn [....] » Read More

Adriana Souza Szpalher, Speaker at Nursing Congress
Oral Presentation
Adriana Souza Szpalher, The Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO), Brazil

Abstract: We aimed to analyse Defining Characteristics (DC) and Related Factors’ (RF) clinical acuracy of Nursing Diagnosis (ND) Insônia (NANDA-I 2021-2023) in a community-dwelling older adults. It is a study of diagnostic accuracy, for clinical sentence validation, w [....] » Read More

Susan Hamley, Speaker at Susan Hamley: Nursing-2022 Speaker
Oral Presentation
Susan Hamley, South University, United States

The COVID-19 pandemic affected all segments of society, including academic work environments, which faced the challenge of delivering quality education in an asynchronous environment. Colleges and universities had to explore alternative learning modalities that enforced social di [....] » Read More

Jyoti Somabhai Patel, Speaker at Jyoti Somabhai Patel: Nursing 2022 Speaker
Oral Presentation
Jyoti Somabhai Patel, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

ABSTRACT Background: To better primary health care and better-trained nurses, knowing the causes of cancer provides a basis for understanding the potential for prevention or early detection of the disease. Our study aimed to assess knowledge and awareness about breast, cervica [....] » Read More