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5th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 24-26, 2025 | Singapore

Nursing 2022

Elvessa Narvasa

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2022 - Elvessa Narvasa
Quebec CCN, Canada
Title: Embracing a growth mindset in the age of medical robots


As new discoveries are being made on a daily basis, medical technology is experiencing advancements in robotic applications. These intelligent machines will progressively become part of our hospitals technological evolution and medical staff. Henceforth, NURSES will inevitably need to work closely with medical robots. We should take the necessary steps now to gain a better understanding of how these mechanical wonders enhance our practice in order to have a more significant role and for successful adoption of the technology and related changes in patterns of care.

Medical robots have some inherent advantages over humans. A machine does not need sleep or food and does not have prejudices that we humans so often have. This could change the way we treat people who are sick and vulnerable. Robotics involves designing and implementing intelligent machines which can do work considered too dirty, too dangerous, too precise or too tedious for humans. Furthermore, it has the potential to expand surgical treatment modalities beyond the limits of human ability.

In this presentation, distinct categories of robots in health care delivery such as surgical, medical, service, and rehabilitative care will be explored.  The challenges, opportunities and implications of emerging technologies to the future of the nursing profession will also be discussed. While there are concerns about machines replacing people in the workforce, with some preparation and forethought, NURSES can make sure the human touch stays relevant in medicine while concurrently taking advantage of our AI friends.


Elvessa Narvasa has completed Master of Science in Nursing from Montreal University, Canada. PH.D. She is the  Provincial Director of Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses. Served as Co-President of Quality Assurance; Team Leader for Hospital Accreditation, Founder of ICU Intermediary care. She had been selected to write the exam for Cardiovascular Certification by the Canadian Nurses Association. Furthermore, she does both in-service as well as invited nurse educator of different hospitals ICU-CCU; PACU/OR and Consultant of College Nursing Faculty. Organizing committee executive of International Society of Pituitary Surgeons; Multidisciplinary Perioperative Medicine, Montreal University. Invited speaker of Quebec Intensive Care Association as well as 2018 -2019 Keynote speaker; Honourable Chief Guest of Colloquium World Nursing Conference; 2019 International RFCCN. SAARC, Critical Care Society. Chairperson, United Research Forum since 2020. Moreover, an International Virtual and Physical Conferences keynote and plenary speaker 2020 till present 2024 organized by different groups worldwide.