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5th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 24-26, 2025 | Singapore

Nursing 2022

Susan Hamley

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2022 - Susan Hamley
South University, United States
Title: Evaluation of Satisfaction with Virtual Hybrid Modality Instruction in Pre Licensure Baccalaureate Nursing Program and Correlation to the NCLEX pass rates


The COVID-19 pandemic affected all segments of society, including academic work environments, which faced the challenge of delivering quality education in an asynchronous environment. Colleges and universities had to explore alternative learning modalities that enforced social distancing. Rapid transition from synchronous to e-learning was necessary to maintain continuity of education and advancement of nursing students in the curricula during the lockdowns. Nursing faculties had the societal obligation to quickly pivot to distance learning, thus forever changing the educational landscape of nursing (Elliot & Muirhead, 2020). This quick transition disrupted the traditional learning model to which pre-licensure nursing students and faculty were accustomed. Concurrently, declining NCLEX pass rates have been reported in almost every state since virtual remote (VR) learning replaced traditional learning (NCSBN, 2021). While the number of new COVID-19 cases has declined recently, the virus has mutated into new variants that threaten the human population; therefore, studying students' satisfaction with virtual learning and how satisfaction correlates with NCLEX pass rates remains an essential issue for faculty to explore.  

The literature noted student satisfaction to be a significant indicator of academic performance, thus making it crucial for educators to validate the success of teaching strategies in e-learning courses (Aristovnik et al., 2020; Shim & Lee, 2020; Al-Fraihat et al., 2020; Yawson & Yamoah, 2020). Furthermore, satisfaction helps educators advocate for effective teaching while simultaneously assessing students learning experiences in the classroom (Basith et al., 2020). Educators must collaborate and adjust teaching styles that promote engagement and student success. This study evaluates pre-licensure baccalaureate nursing student satisfaction with e-learning compared to traditional learning modalities and its correlation to NCLEX pass rates. 

The researchers selected a quasi-experimental, cross-sectional design to investigate the phenomenon of interest. The Exclusive eLearning for Pre-licensure Nursing Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic survey was administered to undergraduate pre-licensure nursing students. Researchers received IRB approval. Recruitment flyers were posted throughout the university, and researchers sent an invitation email to pre-licensure BSN students. Using Survey Monkey, the students received a brief introductory letter and the consent form. Once the student agreed to the study, they proceeded to the satisfaction survey. Ongoing research is anticipated to be completed by the time of the conference.


Dr, Susan Hamley studied nursing at Palm Beach State College before obtaining her BSN from Florida Gulf Coast University, her Master of Science in Health Law from Nova Southeastern University in 2012. She then pursued and completed her Doctorate in Nursing from Barry University in 2016. She has been teaching since 2016, joining the nursing faculty at South University as an assistant professor in the BSN program in 2019.