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5th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 24-26, 2025 | Singapore

Nursing 2022

Sheela Shenai NA

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2022 - Sheela Shenai NA
Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church College of Nursing, India
Title: Impact of preceptorship program on self efficacy and learning outcome among Nursing students


Nursing is a Practice based profession. The establishment of a good learning environment where theory and practice complement each other is dependent on clinical staff and nurse educators. Preceptorship model has widely been supported in literature as an effective approach to facilitate students learning and acquisition of skills in clinical practice.
A longitudinal one group pre -post interventional study was undertaken among Nursing students at a tertiary care centre to compare the self efficacy and learning outcome before and after the implementation of the preceptorship programme and to find out the relationship between self efficacy and learning outcome. Self efficacy was assessed using a Standardized formative self assessment tool for self efficacy developed by Marten and Daniel P in 2015 and learning outcome was assessed by using Lofmark tool of overall learning outcome. Sample size was estimated after pilot study among participants. Study participants were selected using systematic random sampling technique from the sampling frame.
All the study participants who are undergoing 2nd and 3rd B.Sc (N) programme underwent preassessment of self efficacy and learning outcome before starting the preceptor training programme. The study participants received training and supervision for 6 months by the preceptors. Self efficacy was assessed based on five competency indicators namely professional responsibility and accountability, knowledge based practice, Ethical practice, serving to the public and self regulation on a 4 point scale. The learning outcome was assessed on a 5 point scale which assessed 8 items like development of responsibility, ability to address patient need for help, developing independence, feel confident in Nursing, use of nursing research to improve patient care, understanding ethical aspects of patient care and awareness of critical thinking and work more systematically.
The results showed a statistically significant improvement in average self efficacy score and learning outcome and after the preceptorship program and a strong positive correlation between self efficacy and learning outcome among the study participants. This study showed positive impact of preceptorship programme on nursing students’ performance.