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5th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 24-26, 2025 | Singapore

Nursing 2022

Senay Cetinkaya

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2022 - Senay Cetinkaya
Senay Cetinkaya, Turkey
Title: Innovation in pediatric nursing Inventions from Turkey


The nursing profession has to renew itself in order to survive, increase the quality of care, improve patient outcomes and provide cost-effective care since it plays a role at all levels in meeting basic human needs such as health promotion, protection, treatment, care and rehabilitation. All innovations in the field of health make great contributions to the improvement of the health of the individual, family and society. Invention or invention is the creation by human effort of something that did not exist before. Most inventions are the result of a new and unique combination of previously existing technologies. Inventions that are new and exceed the state of the art and can be applied to industry can be protected by patent registration. Nurses need to follow innovations, adopt them, take innovative initiatives and put them into practice in order for nurses to plan, implement and evaluate the care process based on evidence, as specified in the Nursing Law. The social, scientific, technological, economic and political changes experienced in the 21st century enlarge the roles of nurses and make it necessary for them to take on new roles from time to time. Protecting and improving children’s health is important in terms of protecting and improving public health. Since Pediatric Nursing covers a wide area, innovation in this field is extremely important.  


Having completed her undergraduate, graduate and doctorate education in nursing at Ege University, Assoc. Dr. Senay Cetinkaya has been continuing to train undergraduate and graduate students of nursing for 34 years. She worked as Ege University Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Nursing for 8 years. In 25 years of this 34-year study period, she conducted undergraduate and graduate courses in Child Health and Disease Nursing alone. She has been working as the head of the Department of Child Health and Diseases Nursing at Cukurova University for 14 years. During this time she served as the Erasmus Faculty coordinator. Under her supervision, 20 graduate students and 4 PhD students graduated. There is an international book editor (1 book), a book chapter author (6 book chapters), a national book chapter (6 book chapters). She has been published in SCI journals (10 original research articles), international peer-reviewed journals other than SCI (13 articles), and national (33 articles).