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5th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 24-26, 2025 | Singapore

Nursing 2022

Enaam Yousef Al Ananbeh

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2022 - Enaam Yousef Al Ananbeh
Al-Balqa’ Applied University- Al Mafraq National College, Jordan
Title: Perceptions and experiences of midwives and nurses who conducted home visits in Jordan



 Home visit is an integral part of primary healthcare delivery systems. It is preventive and promotes health practice where community health workers, particularly nurses provide healthcare to clients in their own environment according to their needs. One of the health care services that is provided by community health nurses (CHNs) is home visits (HVs) through which they  can empower the community by identifying its needs and by assisting  in setting  strategic planning to achieve the desired results. Currently,  the Covide -19 pandemic and the early discharge from hospitals lead to shift the locus of  care to homes, imposing the  increasing need  for providing care at clients homes through conducting the HVs.

Purpose: The study was conducted to fully understand  midwives and nurses perceptions and experiences regarding home visits program after conducting actual HVs. based on  the home visits- related workshop.

Methodology: This descriptive qualitative study invited 8 nurses and midwives out of 24 participants who were willing to participate in the study. Purposeful sampling was used to achieve data saturation through the interview guide. Emerged data were analysed using the manual coding (content analysis) by two expert researchers to ensure trustworthiness. Results: qualitative analysis  revealed four major themes: 1) concerns of self safety, 2) Stress related to conducting HVs, 3)Threats to violence and consequences, 4) Successful program with some recommendations. Conclusion and recommendations: The existing program was generally perceived as successful with some recommendations. Three main barriers were crystallized through  the understanding of participants perception and experiences, including: Client-related, nurse-related, and organizational related barriers. Such barriers should be considered in HVs programs development.

  In addition, it is recommended to work thoroughly on Community Needs assessment and planning and to hold regular training workshops/ courses regarding HVs. Further, to conduct a full research study utilizing both quantitative and qualitative approaches.