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5th Edition of

Singapore Nursing Research Conference

March 24-26, 2025 | Singapore

Nursing 2023

Chih Wen Chen

Speaker at Singapore Nursing Research Conference 2023 - Chih Wen Chen
National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences, Taiwan
Title: Health care policy for prevention and management of dementia in Taiwan: Analysis and suggestions


The World Health Organization (WHO) designated dementia as a global public health priority in April 2012. The 2019 Global Dementia Report estimates that there are more than 50 million people living with dementia worldwide, which is expected to grow to 152 million by 2050. One person suffers from dementia every three seconds; the current cost of dementia is US$1 trillion per year, and it is expected to double by 2030. Due to the slow course of the disease and the complex physical and mental symptoms, patients with dementia and the poor quality of life of family caregivers, coupled with the worsening of the course of the disease, lead to the burden and pressure of family caregivers.
As society ageing, the number of people with dementia is increasing. Dementia is a slowly worsening condition that may delay early diagnosis due to the lack of early symptoms. In addition to early diagnosis and treatment, it also provides counseling for caregivers, methods and options for follow-up care according to the different degrees of disability and activities of daily living of patients with dementia, in order to plan a care model that best suits the patient's own wishes and expectations.
The government should normalize the dementia-friendly policy instead of making it a disease, and plan long-term care measures mainly for dementia as soon as possible, so as to provide continuous and complete care according to the disease characteristics and care needs of dementia. In addition to the promotion of the Dementia Shared Care Network, the content of publicity services for caregivers has been strengthened, and the primary medical screening and referral program has been promoted to increase the rate of diagnosis. Establish a more diversified long-term care service model to meet the needs of family care for dementia. Government and civil society can work together to strengthen outreach to the population and increase the use of courses such as family emotional support groups and family care skills.
Promote dementia related research, increase research funding for dementia prevention, treatment, and care, encourage integrated care plans to promote the establishment of dementia care policies and care models, and delay the degeneration and disability of the demented. Reduce the cost of care.

Audience Take Away:
1. The importance of dementia prevention and care.
2. Key points of dementia prevention and care.


Ms. Chih Wen Chen studied National Taipei University of Nursing And Health Sciences and graduated as MS in 2013. She then continuing on Ph.D. program in 2018. Currently a PhD student.